A beginners guide to reupholstery

For a lot of people, the thought of reupholstering their furniture is daunting. You love the idea of upcycling your existing furniture, breathing fresh life into something you love, saving money, and avoiding waste, but the actual process is complicated. You may be worried you’ll get it wrong and [...]

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Five Easy Upholstery Projects for Beginners

Looking for good upholstery projects for beginners? If you are a newbie to this upholstery business, don’t worry! We have scoured the length and breadth of the internet (okay, mostly Pinterest) to bring you five of the best (and easy!) upholstery projects for beginners. 1. Cushion Cover Tutorial – [...]

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Tutorial: Recover dining chairs

Recover your dining chairs We are here to show you how we would upholster a dining chair base – a satisfying way to spend a weekend. Prepare the frame First things first – remove the seat base from the chair, if possible. Then, strip the existing material and [...]

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