Reupholstering Antiques: What You Need To Know

Whether you purchased an antique furniture online or have a vintage piece you inherited from your grandparents, you must have considered restoring it to its original glory. When thinking of reupholstering antiques, you have to first consider factors that are important to you. Do you just want to refurbish the [...]

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Top Spring Decor Tips for Your Home

We're midway through spring, but you still have time to redecorate your interiors to compliment the season. While most people spend time sprucing up their garden, a quick indoor makeover will make you feel warm and cosy. Break out of your winter rut and follow these top tips to refresh [...]

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Tutorial: Recover dining chairs

Recover your dining chairs We are here to show you how we would upholster a dining chair base – a satisfying way to spend a weekend. Prepare the frame First things first – remove the seat base from the chair, if possible. Then, strip the existing material and [...]

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