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How to Choose the Best Upholstery for An Office

Simple repairs can be a cheap way to spruce up your office furniture, and getting some bespoke made-to-measure pieces can create a fresh office look that your employees will love. In addition to being well-known as dedicated upholsterers in Bristol, we work across the UK delivering our extensive upholstery services.

Whilst we have experience working on a wide variety of office furniture, we understand it can be difficult for business owners to know exactly what to upholster in the office, and how. Here are a few things to consider when deciding on the best way to renovate your office:

Seating Upholstery

Consider whether your office seating could benefit from a revamp. It is likely that your employees spend a lot of their time sitting down and improving their seating could make a world of difference to their comfort. Likewise, your reception and meeting rooms could be the first areas of contact that potential clients or customers have with your business. By reupholstering the seating in these areas, you can ensure that your company conveys a professional appearance and gives your clients the right impression.

There are not only environmental benefits to going down the reupholstery route, it is often the more economic decision too. Seating is often expensive to purchase brand new, so reupholstery can be a fantastic cost-effective option. What’s more, there are a range of possibilities to suit your needs. We deliver various seating refurbishment services, from desk or operator chair reupholstery, bench seating reupholstery, meeting or board room seating, social space seating, waiting area and reception seating, and banquette seating made to measure. Whether you’re looking to replace cushion inners or would like to go ahead and order bespoke seating, we can handle your commercial needs with a fast turnaround.

Considering a contract upholstery service can save you from having to replace all your seating and paying the additional disposal costs.


An important thing to consider when deciding on how you want your seating to be reupholstered, is fabric choice. We offer reupholstery in cloth, vinyl, or leather, so it’s a good idea to think about what style best reflects your business and to take a look at our range of suppliers.

How you furnish and decorate your office can set the tone of your business, and has even been shown to influence the mood of your team! Having a vision for how you’d like your upholstery to look is important, as elements such as fabric choice can completely change the feel of your piece.

If you’d like some help with working out the best option for your project, why not contact us? We’d been more than happy to discuss design options with you.

Other Furniture Repairs

If you’re looking into upholstery for your office, we’re guessing you want to make your space the best it can be. When looking at ways to improve your office furniture, it is important to look out for all pieces and elements in need of repair – no detail needs to be spared. For example, wooden pieces often dull over time and show visible signs of damage. We offer a furniture polishing and spraying service, and can help you out with services such as sand and bead blasting, wood staining and stripping, and French polishing. We also offer office screen divider reupholstery in cloth, vinyl or leather, which is an excellent way to make a big improvement to the general appearance of your commercial space.

If you have a more unusual upholstery request, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us. Chances are we have completed a similar project and will be able to help you out with all your renovation needs.

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