Environmental Impact

On average, the process of building new furniture releases around 1000 times more carbon emissions than restoring the old. By restoring and reusing your existing furniture, you’re helping to reduce your own carbon footprint, and you’ll be saving valuable resources like wood. Rather than sending a perfectly good piece of furniture to the tip, upholstery breathes new life into tired furniture. We can even look at altering the design of the furniture if this is something you’re interested in. Whether you keep it to the same design or bring it in line with modern trends, upholstery definitely saves wastage at the tip.

Quality Furniture

It’s a sad fact that a lot of the furniture created these days is not to the standard it was previously. Customers have often found they do a lot better to buy a second hand sofa and reupholster it than buy a new, mass produced one. If your furniture is 10-15 years old, chances are it has a much sounder frame than a mass produced new build from high street stores. There are now a lot of furniture-based charity shops where you can grab a real bargain, so not only are you helping the environment, you’re also giving money to a good cause, and you get a lovely piece of furniture out of it as well! Keep an eye out for brands such as Ercol, Parker Knoll, G-Plan and Cintique, which are well known to stand the test of time.

Building for the future

Together we can help stop furniture ending up in the tip, where it doesn’t need to go. We always use materials in line with Fire Regulations, which means that we can upholster furniture that might not have a fire label to make it compliant to be later given away to a charity shop or similar. By reducing waste going to the landfill and learning to make the most out of quality furniture, we can change the attitudes of those around us, from a disposable mind-set to one off quality furniture built for a lifetime.

Cushion Refilling

Often it’s when the cushions start to go in furniture that people think about buying new. We offer a cushion refilling service, which gives furniture years of extra life. We can even convert sofas with loose cushions into fitted cushions if that is a concern! Give your furniture an extra lease of life for a fraction of the price of buying new, and prevent it from heading to the landfill. We can supply foam, feather and foam & feather core to keep you sitting pretty!

Bespoke Furniture

We do understand that sometimes you either need or want new furniture, for a change in style perhaps or maybe your furniture no longer fits your room or venue. In that case, we can create bespoke furniture made for you. This comes either handmade to order for one off pieces or for volume contract orders we can CNC produce seating using FSC approved beech wood or ply. The frame is always glued and screwed, with no substandard materials used. This means we can create furniture for you to last for decades to come, with the quality of older pieces but with the ability to design it exactly as you’d like.


Usable Waste

Here at South West Upholstery, we want to build well for future generations and our children. This means we always recycle where possible, from the cardboard fabric rolls in the workshop to the used paper in the office. We are proud to say that we have teamed up with Children’s Scrapstore to make the most of our usable waste. Weekly collections provide toilet tubes, fabric offcuts, foam and more for craft activities with children.

Our ex-display fabrics don’t go to waste, as we re-purpose them into gorgeous scatter cushions available to purchase. When you visit us you will see re-purposed scaffold boards in the form of storage units, tables, and even shelves! If your looking for materials for craft or are a school or charity give us a call.

Find out more about our Replacement Cushion services

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