Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Upholstery Services

With over 20 years as a family run business, we specialise in commercial upholstery services that are tailored to any scale, industry or requirement all done on a project by project basis.

We are committed to making sure that the commercial clients that we work with have an upholstery service that truly meets their requirements, whether it’s creating seating or designs for made to measure spaces or to restore, modernise or revitalise an existing space to its former glory.

Our skilled team are able to restore existing upholstery wherever possible, as well as carry out repairs and replacements for things like seating, foam, springs and any other potentially damaged parts all to provide an all encompassing service that gets your commercial space ready to operate and service your patrons in absolute comfort.

Hospitality is often where most upholstery services begin and end, but with South West Upholstery, we are dedicated to providing our services to any business of any industry, of any size, wherever you are in the UK. We can help with hotels, bars, restaurants and venues, as well as office fit-outs, shop upholstery refurbishments and so much more.

Hospitality Industry Upholstery

Hospitality is the larger industry when it comes to commercial upholstery services due to the very nature of the businesses in question, and we cater to it perfectly. 

Providing both cloth and leather upholstery services for restaurants, bars, pubs, clubs, hotels, and anything else that you could need, our services are perfect for ensuring that your upholstery is kept in impeccable condition, remaining comfortable for your customers and best suited for whatever nature of business you are running.

Office Upholstery

Office upholstery is something that both staff and clients may be using frequently throughout the day.

It could be upholstery for office chairs and facilities, waiting areas, break-out spaces, or practically any other upholstery need you could have depending on your office layout and how you use it, but whatever your office upholstery needs may be, we can help you with uniquely tailored solutions.

Gym & Leisure Upholstery

Gyms and leisure facilities have the same upholstery needs as most other businesses, but often with even more footfall than these businesses due to the fast turnaround of customers and their day to day schedules. 

We can help ensure that any seating, dining areas, staff facilities, wellness areas and anything else you could need are all in the best condition possible.

Reception & Waiting Room Upholstery

Comfort and seating are at the heart of receptions and waiting rooms, which is exactly why here at South West Upholstery, we are experts in making sure that your seating is ideal. 

From using the right material choices to modernisation and durability-led designs, we can help to make sure that your upholstery is fit for purpose and more comfortable than ever.