Sofa Reupholstery

We offer reupholstery services for sofas of all sizes, materials and conditions alike, making sure that your sofa is kept in incredible condition for years to come. Whether your sofa is fabric, cloth, vinyl or leather, our sofa reupholstery services are the ideal way to maintain and restore, applying any maintenance or replacements required and generally keeping your sofa looking exceptional.

Not only do we offer reupholstery for sofas to keep them in great condition, but we can also reupholster sofas to specific design choices too. That means whether you need something bespoke in the design, want to add some of your own ideas to your sofa, or simply want to refresh the existing aesthetic or change materials, we have the team and the skillset to make it happen, wherever you are in the UK.

With over 20 years in the upholstery industry, we have worked with countless sofa, suite and settee upholstery, all to help our customers make the most of what is often the centrepiece of their home.

Leather Sofa Reupholstery

The specialist services and decades of experience at South West Upholstery places us in a great position in which we can offer leather sofa reupholstery services to clients across the country. 

We can restore existing sofa upholstery, change or replace materials completely, and perform any other maintenance your leather sofa might need when being reupholstered all in one in-house service, done by dedicated professionals and masters of our craft.

Fabric & Cloth Sofa Reupholstery

Fabric sofas can be reupholstered beautifully, getting the sofa back to its former glory if not looking even better than when new. 

We also provide additional fabric sofa reupholstery services on top of this, enabling custom material choices, designs, french polishing, and much more.

Sofa Customisation

Sofa reupholstery is a fantastic time to make changes to your sofa as well as restore and maintain it. Things like unique design options and material choices can make your sofa look and feel like a brand new sofa, without sacrificing on quality or comfort and minimising waste in the process too. 

Our experts can happily help you with any aspect of this, simply contact our team and we’ll be happy to give additional information.

Guide Prices

Recover Dining Chair Base Only

Total £42.70

Recover Wingback Chair
With Wooden Fronts

Total £462.50

Recover High Back Dining Chair Material Or Vinyl Based On Plain Design

Total £89.00

Recover Single Sofa Chair

Total £526.80

Recover Standard Two Seat Sofa

Total £1062.60

Recover Standard Three Seat Sofa

Total £1153.40

* The above Guide Prices includes VAT, fabric based on velvet and labour costs.
Foams and webbing may be required which are quoted separately if needed.
Lots of other options available.