Domestic Upholstery

Upholstery and furniture are something that really makes a house a home.

Our family business understands this, helping us to create only the finest upholstery for your home no matter what setting you place it in. From bedrooms and living spaces to dining rooms and more, our upholsterers and sewing machinists spare no detail in crafting the very best in quality and comfort, drawing from over 20 years in the domestic upholstery industry.

We offer new upholstery as well as the refurbishment of existing items that you have around your home, working on things like sofa and chair upholstery and other essential furniture services, but also the finer upholstery details in your home too, like window seats, benches, scatter cushions and practically anything else that you could require.

We have the specific skills, tools and resources that your furniture needs for a new lease of life, saving it from landfill and helping to really make the most of every sentimental item in your home for years to come, whether its traditional, retro or even antique upholstery that you need, right up to modern brands like Parker Knoll, G-Plan, Cintique and so many more.

The Domestic Upholstery Services We Offer

Our domestic and household upholstery services and the ideal way to revitalise your tired or dated furniture. Our specialists are highly trained and dedicated to detail, making every piece of furniture in your home restorable to the best extent possible. We take chairs, sofas, cushions, stools and more, where our upholsterers are then able to do anything from changing fabrics and fillings to repairs and modernisations, all tailored to your specific requirements.

Not only can we restore furniture to its former glory, but we’re also equipped to tailor, create and modernise upholstery around your living room and dining spaces too. Our team can help to modernise materials and designs, creating custom looks using fabric or leather, all the while ensuring springs, fillings and anything else in the item is in prime condition and replaced wherever necessary.

Living Room Upholstery

Sofas, chairs and footstools are typical candidates for our living room upholstery services, getting your everyday furniture looking better than ever while being comfortable and in peak condition.

Dining Room Furniture Upholstery

Dining chairs and cushions can really elevate a dining space and create an ambience that makes a home truly outstanding both for special occasions and regular family meals.

Bedroom Furniture Upholstery

Bedroom chairs, chaise lounge, scatter cushions and anything else you choose to place in your bed space can all be revitalised, modernised and perfect for your ideal aesthetic and comfort needs.