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5 Ways to Transform your Living Room Space

A living room is arguably the most important space in your home. It’s where you spend time relaxing, entertaining guests and making memories with family and friends. 

After a while, your living room can start to feel drab and lifeless, but it’s easy to bring it back to beautiful with just a few simple, easy, budget-friendly updates. Give your living room some TLC and fall in love with it all over again by following these five simple living room transformation hacks.

1. Kill the Clutter

Human beings are great at collecting trinkets, keepsakes and all sorts of lovely knickknacks. When it comes to your living room, though, clutter could actually start to drain the life from what should be a tranquil and relaxing space. Clutter can even impact your mental health, with studies indicating that a clear, tidy space is the best environment for our wellbeing.

If your living room is full to bursting with backpacks, hand-me-down ornaments, DVDs and old blankets, it could be time to swap the feather duster for a cardboard box. Exiling anything that doesn’t belong in that space and getting rid of anything you don’t use is an easy way to reclaim your living room.

2. Sofa Reupholstery

You bought your sofa a long time ago and it’s looking a little worse for wear. It’s a story we hear time and again, but luckily, it’s one that can have a happy ending for both you and your cherished piece of furniture. When your sofa starts to sag, fade or become uncomfortable, it can really bring the whole room down. 

Rather than taking on the expense of buying a new sofa, and relocating your old sofa to a landfill, why not go down the more budget and environmentally friendly path of getting the sofa reupholstered? Domestic upholstery can be revamped easily by expert craftsmen. If you have a good quality sofa, with good bones, your cushions can be replaced, the padding can be fixed, and your sofa can even be reupholstered in a new material in your chosen texture and style.

3. Repurposing Furniture

Do you have an accent chair that could do with some extra love and attention? What about dining chairs? If you have any unsightly pieces of furniture in your living room, they could be in danger of making the whole room look outdated. Much like your sofa, these other popular living room staples can be easily revamped and revitalised by the experts. Leather and cushions can be repaired and replaced, woodwork can be sprayed and polished, while castors and feet can be changed to bring your furniture back to its former glory.

4. Add Some Houseplants

Why spend time endlessly redecorating when you can watch your space literally grow into something stylish and interesting by including houseplants in your decor. Using houseplants to redecorate is a great way to bring the outside in. You can literally bask in the benefits of nature without ever having to leave home. Houseplants provide all sorts of great benefits; they provide oxygen, help reduce stress and have even been shown to increase productivity and lift your mood.

5. Rearrange Your Furniture

Transforming your space into something that works better for you could be as easy as rearranging your furniture. Moving your sofa from one side of the room to the other, rearranging tables, and finding a new place for ornaments and rugs are all great ways to give your space new life. 

It could also help you make things easier to clean, allow you to take advantage of changing light conditions throughout Summer and Winter. Plus, it could save your flooring from wear by reintroducing new foot traffic patterns.

If you’d like to revamp your living room by updating your upholstery, why not get advice from the experts at South West Upholstery? Contact us today.

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