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Reupholstery to breathe new life into a headboard

Getting a headboard reupholstered is a simple but effective way to refresh your bedroom. Perhaps you have recently redecorated and need your headboard to blend within the new decor, or perhaps you would like your headboard to be a focal point for the room. In either case, the household upholstery services at South West Upholstery are a great way for Bristol customers to get results without buying a new headboard. Here are the steps a professional upholsterer will take to reinvent and renew your bedhead.

The fabric choice

Choosing the right fabric for your headboard is not a simple decision, and there are lots of options available. You will be consulted on this step, you need to choose a fabric that blends with the style of your bedroom. A good tip is to try and match your curtain fabric or the upholstery of any chairs in your room. You should opt for a soft, comfortable fabric that is also durable and not too difficult to clean, especially if you have children or pets in the house. Fabrics that go excellently on a headboard include suede, leather, polyester or cotton. We have a good range of luxurious options to choose from, including high-end Linwood fabrics in a range of textures and colours. Our material page is sure to give you the inspiration you need.

Removing existing fabric

You will need to remove your headboard from your bed or wall in order to bring it into the store, be careful not to damage anything when you are doing this! It should be easy enough to remove by undoing the screws. Once you get the headboard to us, we will remove your current fabric using a staple remover without doing any damage to the board itself. We will then start the transformation by attaching the new padding to the headboard, we can cut the padding to any size and shape, and have various thickness options to give you the ideal experience. The padding is attached with the use of a staple gun.

The new fabric

We will measure and cut your chosen fabric into the correct size and shape, even for the most unusual upholstery requirements. We have all the tools and equipment to prepare the new fabric to the precise specifications of your headboard. Our expertise enables us to get a professional finish with every project, and only experienced upholsterers know the exact requirements to get the best out of an upholstery job. The fabric will be carefully attached with a staple gun for a safe, flawless finish.

Headboard reupholstering requires skill and finesse to get right; a poor quality job will stick out like a sore thumb in any bedroom. For the very best results, you should use the services of a professional upholsterer who has the experience and skills to produce a flawless finish. They can carry out the whole process efficiently and effectively, ensuring you get the very best finish possible. You can view our range of headboards for further insight.

If you need any help with reupholstering your headboard or another piece of home or office furniture , South West Upholstery have you covered. Contact us on 0117 370 2745 or email [email protected] – we can help customers all over the UK.

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