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How to choose outdoor upholstery that will delight you year-round

As the dark days of winter draw to a close, bright cherry blossom, daffodils, and early spring flowers start to beckon Brits to begin enjoying outdoor lives once again.

There’s nothing better than lingering over evening meals or drinks as twilight falls, and, even if you only have access to a tiny patch of the outdoors or just a small apartment balcony, good use of colour, comfy outdoor furniture, and a few lush plants can create the perfect space.

Restaurants, bars, and cafe owners should also appreciate just how vital their outdoor leisure areas are for the growth and profitability of the business, so creating or enhancing comfortable outdoor seating and lounging areas is just as important.

If you already own outdoor furniture, you can make an eye-catching outdoor comfort zone to suit anybody in just a short space of time. Perhaps all that’s needed is a fresh colour palette, a few zingy accessories, and the re-upholstering of a chair, settee and lounger cushions? There are so many different waterproof fabrics on the market now; in stunning colours and patterns. Adding an outdoor heater provides heightened comfort and will allow you to linger outdoors, enjoying the fresh air and skyscape until it’s bedtime!

Creating the perfect outdoor space for all-year relaxation

Choosing the right outdoor furniture at the outset means you can enjoy relaxing outside at any time of year. Many BBQ enthusiasts already appreciate the joys of winter grills, even if they don’t tend to eat them outside. But, any sheltered corner of your garden or outdoor business space can be turned into an all-year seating/lounging space, when you opt for weather-resistant upholstery.

Upgrades to domestic and commercial upholstery for outdoor furniture

There’s absolutely no need to bin the outdated or worn cushions on your existing outdoor furniture. We’re expert upholsterers in Bristol and nationwide and can easily bring new life to any outdoor furniture.

Outdoor foam and Sunbrella waterproof fabrics in a variety of colours and patterns are visually effective when used for outdoor cushions and commercial upholstery for exterior seating. We also supply replacement cushion inners, for added comfort, and when our Bristol upholstery guarantees outdoor cushions are waterproof it’s a statement you can rely on 100%. The recent introduction of better water resistance and waterproofing has helped open up demand for outdoor living in the UK; both for homeowners and business organisations. And, brightening up your outdoor seating and dining areas may just mean adding a touch of stylish colour and a little more comfort. Nobody does this better than South West Upholstery!

2020 colour trends for outdoor upholstery

Creating a welcoming and bang-on-trend outdoor space might be easier than you think. Design and colour trends are often ignored by consumers, who prefer to create individual schemes tailored to their own preferences, but trends are there for a reason and if you’re feeling a bit lost or don’t know where to start, colour trends can be a good place.

Some of the outdoor upholstery colours that will never go out of trend include tans or browns, burnt umber shades, combinations of blue, green, grey, and warm pastel shades. And, of course, deep twilight Class Blue is the Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, so mashing deep blues into your outdoor seating arrangements ensures you’re keeping up with trends.

You’ll discover an exciting world of colour and patterns in contemporary waterproof fabrics; and can also add accent colours and textures with removable scatter cushions, plants, and ornaments. Once your base furniture is dressed for outdoor living, switching to different accent colours for cushions and accessories every year provides a stylish upgrade at minimal costs.

Use South West Upholstery for all your outdoor freshen ups!

Why not take a look at the South West Upholstery website for more tips on the outdoor upholstery that creates an all-year, all-weather outdoor living area? We’re the experts when it comes to waterproof upholstery that lives up to its name! We also provide contract upholstery services, office upholstery, and furniture repairs from our Bristol HQ. Get in touch to find out more!

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