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Domestic Upholstery Fabrics & Benefits

If you have a sad-looking sofa or armchair that you don’t want to throw away, then why not give it a makeover?

Reupholstery can be a fantastic way to give your old furniture a new lease of life. If you’re looking to give an old armchair a makeover, or you want to personalise a beautiful new purchase, then you’ve come to the right place.

We have years of experience in choosing the right fabric and furniture coverings depending on your lifestyle and your decor. In this blog we’ll explain a little bit about the different materials we use so you can make an informed choice on the best way to reupholster your furniture.

Bespoke Upholstery – Fabrics

Fabric is one of the most popular choices for our customers, and that’s because we have such a vast array of options available. We work with a multitude of suppliers so we can offer you the right fabric to match your style. From clean, contemporary styles to vintage classics, you can request as many samples as you like – we want it to be perfect!

One thing to be aware of with fabric is that it is prone to staining or discoloration if you spill things on it, but it is possible to wash your cushion covers if this happens. Have a look at our aquaclean fabric below if you’re worried about stains.

If you’re looking for a crisp canvas feel or a snuggly velvet, then check out our fabric suppliers page to find one that you love.

Leather and Vinyl

Leather is a classic when it comes to furniture upholstery. Nothing beats the comforting feeling of settling into a leather armchair, and no other material can so easily lend an air of elegance and effortless style to a room.

One of our favourite things about leather upholstery is that as it ages it develops its own unique look. The leather will get darker in places, and lighter in others, adding an undeniable character to the piece. Although many of our high-quality leather options are wipe-clean, some aren’t, and leather will require a little more upkeep than other upholstery options. We think it’s worth it though.

Vinyl upholstery is a great alternative to leather if you’re looking for an easy-care option. It has a wipe-clean surface and, unlike other cheaper options, our vinyl upholstery has a high martindale rating – this means it will last for years without degrading.

A good option for those who love the look of leather but are living a vegan lifestyle, or for those who want to add a little personality to their sofa – we offer a range of plain and patterned vinyl upholstery.

Aquaclean Fabric

Aquaclean is an incredible option for those who want the look and feel of fabric but with the ability to wipe off any stains with a damp cloth – even red wine and biro! Perfect for young families or those who are partial to a glass of red wine of an evening.

Your furniture is for relaxing on, not for worrying about whether that beautiful drawing of a horse in felt-pen will be a permanent fixture or not. Contact us to find out more about this innovative new fabric.

Outdoor Upholstery

When you leave any type of furniture outdoors, the sun, wind, rain and cold will all cause your material to degrade faster. That is where our outdoor upholstery comes into play; no more running outside to salvage your cushions after an unexpected burst of rain!

Many of our outdoor fabric options are UV-resistant, so you can keep the vibrancy of the material you choose without worrying about unsightly fading over time. Our British summers are notoriously unpredictable, but by using our outdoor fabric on your garden furniture you can relax, rain or shine!

Selecting The Perfect Household Upholstery

Whatever type of upholstery you’re looking for, we’ll do our best to find something that you’ll love. Browse our suppliers or take a look at some of our most recent projects to get some inspiration.

Our experts will be happy to talk you through our options and explain the pros and cons of each material for you – contact us today if you have any questions!

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