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How to choose the best commercial upholstery for your business

Choosing commercial upholstery is a crucial decision when it comes to creating an inviting business space for clients, customers and employees. The two most essential factors in deciding on the perfect type of upholstery for your business are practicality and aesthetics. If your upholstery is beautiful and perfectly fits in with your current décor, but is uncomfortable and not fit for purpose – then customer and clients are going to feel uncomfortable too. Likewise, if you have comfortable and practical upholstery which is stain and fade resistant but looks mismatched in your waiting area, restaurant or office – it can come across as unprofessional. So, continue reading to discover some of the top things to consider before deciding on the best kind of upholstery for your business.

Location, location, location

The type of contract upholstery you should choose depends on many factors, including the intended location of the upholstered furniture. Furniture in highly trafficked areas such as waiting areas will require sturdy fabric to ensure maximum durability, whereas furniture placed next to windows will need to be upholstered with fade-resistant material to prevent furniture from looking old and faded in the near future.

What are your requirements?

Before committing to any commercial upholstery, you should try to imagine everything one of your newly upholstered chairs or sofas will be going through daily. Are you looking for Bristol upholstery for your café or restaurant? If so, then it is likely that each piece of your furniture will be used multiple times every single day, food will be dropped, drinks spilt, tomato sauce dripped, and vinegar splashed onto upholstered seats and other furniture. In this case, the upholstery material chosen will need to be durable, long-wearing and even potentially waterproof.

What kind of look are you going for?

Corporate office or comfy coffee shop? The best type of upholstery for your business will depend upon the aesthetic of your business. Soft, comfortable leather sofas are fantastic for creating a rustic and charming ambience, but they are also hard-wearing and durable over long periods of time whereas vinyl seating is a more cost-effective option for those who want to create a functional and practical waiting area which can easily be cleaned, e.g. hospitals.

Does it fit in?

When searching for upholsterers in Bristol or anywhere else in the UK, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of fabrics, patterns, colours and upholstery materials on offer. You can easily reupholster armchairs, but choosing the desired pattern and material can make the task of selecting upholstery stressful. Take the stress out of decision-making by opting for a pattern which complements your décor without clashing or overpowering. Remember that you will probably repaint or redecorate your business premises in the not too distant future. So, if you choose a pattern which matches your current wallpaper, it may look out of place when you have to redecorate in the future!

What is the best material?

The best material and pattern will be durable, practical and stylish. But the material which will work best for your business depends on the environment the upholstery will be placed in. For instance, elaborately patterned fabric upholstery would not be suitable for a hair salon but may be perfect in the office of a consultancy firm. The primary three materials to choose from are either fabric, leather or vinyl. Fabric upholstery is warm, comforting and homely but can be easily stained and damaged depending on the level of wear. Leather upholstery is more expensive but is seriously hard-wearing and if kept away from direct sunlight -look fantastic for many, many years even under daily use. Finally, vinyl upholstery is a cheaper alternative to leather but requires less maintenance than its leather counterpart – it is also easier to clean and can be treated with antibacterial protection.

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