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Classic household upholstery care mistakes to avoid

Ensuring that your household upholstery remains in top shape is key when it comes to your home looking its best. The way your furniture looks plays a huge role in the feel your property has. This means that unless you are going for an extremely messy vibe on purpose, you cannot afford to let your sofa or armchairs become worn or damaged. Unfortunately, many homeowners make the same classic mistakes in this area. The below are the most common to look out for in order to keep your upholstery in the best condition possible.

Not vacuuming regularly

This is one really common mistake people make when caring for household upholstery. It is a real shame as it is also the simplest to avoid! Not using the relevant attachments on your hoover to give your furniture a once over every week will mean dust and debris builds up over time. This will not only make it look messy but could also damage the fabric itself in the long-term. Most hoovers will have a soft brush attachment for surface dirt and an angled one for debris in tighter spaces. Make sure to use yours regularly to care for your upholstered furniture.

Exposing furniture to direct sunlight

As the leading upholsterers in Bristol, we know how damaging exposure to direct sunlight can be. Over time, the sun’s rays will fade any leather or fabric that a piece of furniture is finished with. This will make it wear out quicker and cost you money as you will need to have it repaired or have to buy a new piece of furniture entirely. To ensure this is not a problem, place upholstered furniture away from direct sun.

Not dealing with accidents quickly

This is an easy mistake to make as we have all been there! You are relaxing on the sofa after a busy day when a little food or drink is spilt on it. You know you should get up and deal with it but decide not to as you are too tired. Although understandable, this is a mistake you should try to avoid! It is also a common reason for most furniture repairs Bristol residents carry out. Dealing with spills right away will ensure they do not stain and ruin the overall look of your furniture.

Not rotating cushions

Another mistake when it comes to caring for upholstered furniture revolves around the failure to rotate cushions where needed. If you do not rotate the base cushions and any loose ones as well, then the same cushions will get all the wear. Over time, this will see some get completely worn out to the point that they need replacing. Not rotating your cushions also means that the same ones will get the most damage from dirt, stains and debris. Try to do this every week for best results and keep them all in top shape.

Not using fabric protector

One way to help keep fabric safe is to apply a protector to it. These products will form an effective barrier when used in order to stop spills from causing undue damage. They are not an infallible shield though, so you still need to clear up any accidents quickly when they happen. Using a fabric protector should just limit the amount of damage done initially.

Bristol upholstery and furniture repairs UK wide

If you have a piece of furniture that is too far gone for the above tips to save, call South West Upholstery today. As the leading upholsterers Bristol has to offer, we can come to the rescue. We also cover the whole of the UK with our services too. Among our many areas of expertise, we can help repair any furniture that may have seen better days. If you need the best Bristol upholsterers, give us a call today on 0117 370 2745 for more details.

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