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Replacement Inner Cushions: Foam or Feather?

Over time, cushions lose their shape. Their lovely plumpness decreases, leaving you with sad looking furniture that’s begging for a bit of care and attention.

It would be a huge waste to throw away your furniture, when a simple cushion replacement could make your much-loved piece feel like new again. Nothing lasts forever, but if your furniture frame is intact, a cushion replacement may be all that is needed to restore the old look (and feel) of your sofa, chair, or mattress.

You might be able to recognise when your inner cushions need replacing – your cushions aren’t as comfortable as they once were and need constant plumping – but knowing what material to use can be confusing.

Foam Cushions

If you’re thinking about replacing your inner cushions, foam is the option with the easiest upkeep. It provides great support and keeps its shape even after heavy use.

You’ll need to choose your preferred comfort grade if you’re going with foam. There are loads to choose from, with different grades aligning with various feels (from hard to super soft), suitable uses (such as headboards or seat cushions), and price ranges.

Outdoor cushions can suffer from mould and general wear and tear too. They’re out in the elements, so this can happen quite quickly! If you’re wanting to replace your outdoor cushions, look into reticulated foams which allows water to run through. At SWUpholstery we also have a wide range of waterproof and water-resistant materials if you need to order covers at the same time.

When buying your foam cushions, it is important that you choose a non-allergenic foam that conforms to the appropriate fire and safety regulations for its use. Of course, comfort is at the front of your mind – but give this some thought!

Feather Cushions

Your feather cushions will be a little heavier than foam ones and may require daily plumping. If this doesn’t bother you, feather replacements may be for you. You can replace your existing feather cushions with brand new ones and give your furnishings a new lease of life. This might be particularly preferable if you don’t like the ‘block’ look that comes with some standard foam cushions.

You have a few options with feather cushions. For example, you can opt for a more luxurious feather/down mix which is known for ‘sinkability’ and comfort. Down is long-lasting and lighter than feather-only fillings, yet delivers the same amount of warmth (which is particularly useful for pillows and cushions). As a result, you can expect to pay a little more for down.

Unfortunately, unless your cushions are protected by a waterproof cover, your feather-filled cushions will not fare well if you are a habitual tea or cereal spiller. This is also something to keep in mind if you have pets or little ones in the house.

The Best of Both Options

You don’t have to choose between getting foam or feather-only replacement cushions, as you can always opt for a foam core and a feather wrap. You’ll get the benefits of both materials, making this a smart option for some soft furnishings. The foam allows the cushions to easily hold their shape, and the feathers maintain the soft finish. As this is suitable for back and base cushions, you can skip the endless plumping required by feather cushions.

Whilst we are based in Bristol, we offer our bespoke furniture and upholstery services across the whole of the UK.4

Cut to Size Foam Services

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