Which Upholstery Fabric is best for pets?

There’s no denying that we’re a nation of pet lovers. With around 50% of all of UK homes containing an extra fluffy companion, we’re mad about our pets. Whether they’re big, small, furry or ferocious-looking – we rely daily on our animals to cheer us up and complete our families. So when thinking about upholstering the furniture in your house, it may be worth considering who greets you at the door. After all, muddy footprints all over that newly upholstered cream chair in the hallway isn’t exactly the look you were going for, we’re sure!

So what fabric should you consider using when upholstering your home furniture to best suit your furry friends? We’ve compiled a list of the top fabrics and textures to use on your upcycling project for 2018, we’ve even popped a few top tips in there too!As velvet is everywhere at the moment, and seems to be a trend here to stay – we couldn’t help but mention it first. With the sofa market adorned with rich teal mid-century style pieces, and blush pink velvet ottomans aplenty, there’s never been a better time to start an upholstery project using this fine fabric. Pet hair can be easily removed from velvet by using a lint brush or a slightly damp cloth. However, due to the nature of the fabric, velvet can show marks and stains easily. This means it may be better to save your velvet touches to curtains rather than footstalls and poofs, to avoid any mishaps. If you love the velvet trend and want to find an easier, less-costly way to incorporate it into your living room, try opting for scatter cushions in a plush velvet design. At least that way they’ll be cheaper to replace if needed to, than the real deal!

We supply some amazing stain-resistant velvets too, from brands such as Linwood Moleskin, Linwood Omega and Warwick Plush Velvet to name just a few.


This might seem like an easy one, but always remember that patterned designs are an amazing idea when choosing fabric for a chair or sofa. No matter what the design, a busy or even just a subtle and slight pattern can help to conceal the look of any stains, marks or pet hair. Also, think about a washable fabric for cushion covers and fitted sofa covers, especially if you’re welcoming a new pet into your home that might not be fully house-trained yet.

When picking your new patterned fabric, be careful to avoid overly heavy textured designs. Any fabric where the fibres could become easily plucked or loose over time will show their age and wear quickly, needing replacing faster.


Tweed textures may seem an obvious choice for pet owners due to its durable fabric, however, what you might not know is that the deep weave in tweed could actually trap cat or dog hair, making a lot more difficult to clean. If you do however still want to go ahead with reupholstering a chair with a tweed fabric, consider investing in some throws that can be washed and replaced easily.


Perhaps the easiest option for pet owners, leather can be wiped clean time and resists odours long term. The only downside however, is that leather is prone to showing scratches. For cat owners especially, it can be that newer leather styles just aren’t practical. If you opt for an older more vintage-looking aged leather, scratches can be concealed more easily, and sometimes even add to the shabby-chic look and enhance the style you’re going for.

For a quality leather designed to delightfully show the characteristics of aging, we’d recommend the Heritage leather range from Yarwood leather.

With plenty of food for thought in our guide above whilst choosing your new fabric or upholstered piece of furniture, there’s never been a better time to get started. All fabrics have their pro’s and con’s, if you’re unsure of how a specific texture will wear, then why not start off with a cushion or smaller item that’s easier to replace if needed. With regards to durability, remember that loose covers and throws will help your furniture look better for longer.

Whatever type of fabric you need or you prefer, South West Upholstery surely has it. We provide top-of-the-line upholstery services around Bristol, Bath and the Southwest region. Click here to check the different upholstery materials we offer.