How long does it take to reupholster a sofa?

Steps we take to reupholster a sofa

If you’re a first-time user of our (or any!) upholstery services, we thought you might like to know what’s involved in reupholstering your sofa. We’ll take you through from start to finish and illustrate with examples, to make understanding the process a lot easier.

Given a quotation

First things first; we need to give you a written quotation for the work. You can either submit a few photographs here, pop in to one of our showrooms and show one of our trained staff, or arrange a free home visit.

Choose your material

You might have chosen your fabric when you were provided with your quotation, but if not we are happy to help you narrow down your options. We can send samples free of charge to your address, which are yours to keep – helpful if you’re redecorating with a colour scheme in mind! If you’re still not entirely sure we can order large returnable samples for you to drape over your furniture. With our no pressure approach, we’re working with you to achieve the results you desire.

Secure your collection date

Once you’ve decided you’d like to proceed we will arrange with you a collection date. We have a 3-4 week wait time before we can collect your piece so we will provide you with exact date before you place your deposit.

Stripping the furniture

Now that we have your furniture, the first step is to strip it down to the basics – or as far as we have to go to ensure it is returned in a good state. As you can see, this sofa was in quite a sorry state before we started work!

First the sofa comes in and we begin to strip it down

Building up

Next the upholsterer will begin to build the frame back up, tightening any springs as they go. This is where any webbing or fillings that need replacing are replaced and any necessary frame repairs are carried out.

The sofa is fully stripped down and assessed for any repairs


Any loose springs are tightened or replaced

Sofa is covered

All of these updates and repairs begin to be really noticeable as the new material is used to reupholster the sofa. It already looks so different!

We begin to cover the sofa in new material

The finishing touches

All that’s left for this sofa are the final touches; any studding or braid will be added next. The appropriate fire labels and company labels will also be fitted before returning the sofa.

The covering of the sofa is complete, just the finishing touches to go!

Sofa Delivery

As soon as your sofa is complete we will call you to arrange delivery back. All of this within 14 working days and all carefully carried out by the same upholsterer. Any work we do is also covered by a 1 year warranty on the parts and labour so you can truly rest at ease.

Send us photos now for a free written quotation.