Healthcare upholstery: why re-upholstering is a smart option

High levels of traffic in waiting rooms at hospitals, clinics and GP surgeries can take its toll on furniture. Seating can quickly become worn, unhygienic and dirty. And it’s not just waiting rooms. There is also a wide range of specialist furniture used in the sector such as dental chairs, medical benches, physio seating and reclining seating to name but a few. All of these have to withstand unique pressures. It’s not surprising that so many healthcare establishments look tired. But, replacing worn-out furniture costs money and this is money that could be better spent on treating patients.

Reupholster don’t replace

Commercial upholstery can save your medical practice, hospital or clinic a small fortune. High-spec furniture such as ADEC and Belmont Dental Chairs are incredibly expensive to replace. This often results in practitioners choosing to ignore a deteriorating overall state. This, in turn, can increase patient discomfort and impact negatively on their view of the practice overall. Increasingly practitioners are choosing contract upholstery to completely reupholster existing chairs, fit new foams and provide replacement cushion inners.

Helping with health and hygiene

Hygiene matters in healthcare settings more than anywhere else. That’s why it’s so important to not only choose the right material for your furniture but also to make sure that the furniture you currently have is in good order and not ripped or torn. A good healthcare upholstery service should offer a range of fabrics to meet the unique requirements of the sector. These should be strong, incredibly durable as well as anti-bacterial and stain-resistant. They should be proven to effectively counter MRSA, Clostridium difficile, and E-Coli. In addition to all this, all fabrics used should be easy to wipe clean.

In an environment where many people have compromised immunity, you need to be confident that your furniture isn’t undermining your efforts to maintain high hygiene standards. It’s a completely different set of requirements to that found in household upholstery and our experienced Bristol upholsterers can help you make the smartest choice.

It’s not just about utility

The days of the grey, dull waiting room are thankfully no more. These days the important role that colour can play in our general well-being is understood. A children’s hospital, for instance, might like bold, primary colours to promote a sense of friendliness and help allay the concerns of parents and children alike. Clinics might go for a more sober, professional look. The NHS is associated with the colours blue and white and these could feature in furnishings. In the field of mental health, there is increased awareness of the importance of colour in aiding recovery. Well-chosen furnishings can contribute positively to an environment where patients can feel relaxed and at ease.

Furniture repairs in Bristol and beyond

If your practice is looking tired a reupholstery make-over might be what’s needed to raise both staff and patient morale. Day rooms may benefit from the creation of a more homely environment and the use of quality products like Linwood fabrics can add an extra degree of comfort. We can help with all furniture repairs Bristol and can reupholster your armchairs and sofas to make them look and feel as good as new. Our services are not just available in Bristol, either, we currently serve the whole of the UK.

Trusted by the best in the region

The renowned Bristol Children’s Hospital, home of much groundbreaking research, have already taken advantage of South West Upholstery’s Bristol upholstery services. As well as being one of the leading upholsterers in Bristol they also offer their services nationwide. Other respected organisations that have chosen South West Upholstery for their Bristol upholstery include Bristol Royal Infirmary, Specsavers Opticians and Almondsbury Dental.

South West Upholstery is the leading upholsters in Bristol and when it comes to giving a new lease of life to blood collection chairs, patient chairs, dental stools and medical treatment benches, we are a company that you can trust. Contact us to find out more.