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Furniture Polishing & Spraying

Leather, vinyl and furniture repairs

We offer a professional service to properly repair any piece or part of your furniture.

Take a look at your furniture; is it looking tired, worn, saggy and lost the new look it once had? Is it uncomfortable to sit on, leaving you nearer the floor rather than perfectly seated?

We can replace and refill tired, droopy, lumpy cushions of any shape and size to leave you sitting perfectly once more. This can be done using a wide range of fillings, including luxurious foam cut to size with added Dacron and stockinette, feather and down cushions, or hollow fibre in a range of comfort levels.

We will provide you with a fixed price to professionally repair your furniture based on the information and pictures you provide us and are pleased to work with you regardless of where you are based in the UK.

Furniture Polishing & Spraying

If your furniture requires attention on the wooden frame, we offer a furniture polishing and spraying service. Whether you require a slight touch-up on the wood or want to change the colour completely, we are able to assist with your enquiry. See below for the range of services we provide:

  • Stripping wood furniture
  • Staining wood furniture
  • Paint spraying
  • French furniture polishing
  • Colour matching Sand and bead blasting of furniture

From the smallest touch up to sand and bead blasting right back to the frame, we can cover it all with our Furniture Polishing & Spraying service. In the past we have been known to spray Ercol chairs rescued from the skip, the customer chose a lovely soft pink blossom colour to make the chair their own. If required, we can advise on the best option for your furniture and carry it out with the greatest care and attention.

We offer a nationwide service for our furniture polishing and spraying, so wherever you are in the UK contact us for your free written quotation.

Our approach is somewhat different and we wish to draw to your attention the transparent way we work

In order for us to work our magic we sometimes need to remove your furniture from your home or business to carry out the repair. Let’s face it, shoving odd pieces of foam underneath your current saggy cushions isn’t a ‘proper job’ – we need to carefully strip down your furniture to see the problem and then use and cut to size the correct parts we need such as foam, springs and so on in our fully equipped workshop stocked with everything we may need.

Change your furniture colour

  • See below services offered along with if we can carry them out onsite or not
  • Leather repair and replacement – Workshops
  • Frame damage, structural framework – Workshops
  • Replacement cushion inners (fitted cushions) – Workshops
  • French polishing, Furniture woodwork spraying – Workshops
  • Castors, feet replacement, Replacement parts – On-site or to our workshops
  • Damaged stitching – On-site or to our workshops
  • Spring, webbing, base cloth replacement – On-site
  • Replacement cushion inners (loose cushions) – Pop to us or we can collect

Something different?

You may have a spring or webbing type that we haven’t listed and this isn’t uncommon as there are so many, please email us a picture and we’ll be pleased to give advice on what’s required.

Leather repairs

We will get straight to the point:If your leather furniture is cracked, faded, worn, has pet damage or has a hole in it, dying or spraying your faded leather furniture will NOT last. The thought of some of our competitors trying to patch up and spray a mixed colour dye onto your leather furniture in your home makes us cringe! This is where we have seen volumes of customers approach us after being disappointed with the ‘temporary patch up’ offered by other companies to use our professional leather repair service.

If your leather has a hole in it or has faded or worn it’s done this for a reason, and simply needs to be replaced.

The correct way to make a professional leather repair which will last is to match the leather colour from our huge selection of leather colours available close as close we can and replace the damaged parts with brand new, fresh leather. A proper professional job, which as you can appreciate we cannot do in your home.

We will therefore arrange to remove your furniture, carry out the repair using the leather you have selected or supplied and then return it to you all within 7-14 days. If you are not local to us don’t panic as you can either drop off or courier your furniture directly to us to work our magic – we have a lot of customers who do just this!

Don’t just take our word for it! Ask any company who dye or spray leather furniture how long the repair will last; in most cases they advise 2 months maximum or won’t guarantee at all.

  • Jute – Traditional webbing used for traditional upholstery, if you have old furniture you will have this.
  • Pirelli – This webbing can be found in Ercol and Parker Knoll furniture and is held in place by wooden dowels or metal clips, used for backs and bases.
  • Elastic – A common webbing found in bases and backs, held in place with staples.

Spring, webbing, base cloth replacement

If you have noticed your sofa or chairs sagging but feel that your foams are still supportive, it could be that there is a problem with the springs or webbing. Maybe you know this for definite as you heard a suspicious noise when it was sat on!

Let’s talk springs, webbings and the different types

Zig Zag springs – Or the official term “Sinuous springs”, are a modern design of furniture spring and are generally used for seats in modern furniture. If yours have snapped or simply need replacing we can do so at your home or business by removing the base cloth on the underside of your item, replacing the spring/s and then replacing the base cloth.

Super Loop Springs – A modern design of furniture spring and are generally used for backs in modern furniture. Similarly to Zig Zag springs, if yours have snapped or simply need replacing we can do so at your home or business by removing the outside back of your furniture, replacing the spring/s and then refitting the outside back material back into place.

Coil Springs or Double Cone Springs – are the more traditional form of seat spring and can be found in older pieces of furniture. They are individual springs that are placed and then tied together. If yours have broken or your base is sagging we will need to remove them, replace them where needed and at the same time replace the base webbing and fillings below and on top of them.

Spring Pack –There are different types here and these are the “Daddy” of springs, in our opinion you can’t get better! Coil Sprung Mesh Top Seating or Fishmouth Seating Spring Packs are available.

If you own a piece of G-Plan, Multi York or Wesley Barrell furniture chances are you will have a spring pack inside of your furniture from Wade Springs. We have replaced many of these over the years and would use Wade Springs again to obtain the correct parts made to order and then carefully remove your old spring unit and fit your brand new one ready for years of more action! This is a job we need to carry out in our workshops.

Webbing – Again there many different types but the most common can be found below. We can replace any webbing you require in your home or supply you with the parts to do so yourself, sold by the metre.

Replacement cushion inners (loose cushions) – Pop to us or we can collect

Often the seating of furniture becomes saggy after use, while the rest of the frame is still absolutely fine. In this case, we offer a solution. If you have loose cushions, that is they can be removed from your furniture, simply pop in store with one and we can take you through our replacement cushion service. Choose from feather, down, foam, or a mixture of both for a perfect comfort level. If you can’t make it into us we can send you one of our Cushion Packs.We’d recommend supplying us with all of your covers, this way we can return your lovely new cushions already in the covers – no struggle with the covers! This service is available with a 5-7 day turnaround, and if you live further afield we can still help!

Find out more on our Replacement Cushion Inners page.

Replacement Cushion Inners

Replacement cushion inners (fitted cushions) – To our workshops

If your cushions are fixed to your furniture, we can still help! This does involve more work than loose covers as we will need to strip parts of your furniture down to access the current fillings to replace with new. Again, the comfort level is up to you and with more than 8 grades of foam to choose from you’re sure to find the perfect one.

Find out more about our foam options on our Foam page.

Foam Options

Castors, feet replacement – On site

We offer a wide range of replacement feet, castors and replacement parts for furniture. Whether you need ornate feet, simple feet, a new reclining cable for your chair, or a new reclining motor, give us a call. Most parts we can source and fit at your address, however with other more technical jobs we like to bring into the workshop where we have the appropriate tools and prevent unnecessary dust in your home.

Frame damage, structural frame work – To our workshops

“Who did it!!” – If, like many of our customers, you’ve had the kids using the furniture as a trampoline and during such fun there was crack followed by silence, chances are part of the frame for your furniture has broken. We are used to such work and can swiftly strip down your furniture to find the damaged part and if needed replace it using solid beech wood. It may not be that bad and could just be a case of dowels, glue and screws to bond the ‘moved’ part back in place.

Once we have made the repair in our workshops we will return it to you, or you can collect it ready for your kids to test again!

Damaged stitching – On site or to our workshops

If any part of your furniture has stitching which is becoming loose or unraveling, it’s best to tackle it right away before it gets worse. Most small stitch requirements we can undertake at your address using an upholstery sewing needle and heavy gauge thread. If your stitching has really come apart we will need it in our workshops so we can strip off the part in question and re-stitch on our industrial machines to ensure a solid repair.

French polishing, Furniture woodwork spraying – To our workshops

Perhaps your furniture has taken a bit of a beating and the wood is looking a little old? We offer a furniture polishing and/or painting service to spruce it up! Whether you are having your furniture upholstered or simply want the wood to have a little attention, this is no problem. If your furniture is being upholstered we will strip the chair of any materials before polishing or spraying. However, if you are simply looking for the wood to be spruced up or changed in colour, we will carefully protect the upholstered parts before starting work.

Our paint spraying service means you can completely change the personality of your furniture simply by changing the colour of the wood. Choose from a Farrow & Ball colour or provide one of your own for our experts to mix, for that total ‘wow’ factor.

This is an easy way to finish off your furniture and to make it look brand spanking new!

Find out more about our Replacement Cushion services

Replacement Cushion services

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