Why Household Upholstery for the New Year is a Must!

2020 is slowly coming to an end, and one resolution you should be making for the new year is creating a space that matches your style and your way of life. A beautiful home can drastically improve your mood during these uncertain times —which has been scientifically proven to benefit your life.

While styles, designs and patterns differ, here are several tips on how domestic upholstery services can help you create a home and space you will love to spend time, and certainly the new year, in.

How to Cosy Up Your Home for the New Year

Before making an effort to stretch your budget trying to purchase completely new pieces of furniture, more than often you can tweak your own to make it match your style, your preferences and even any season.

Take an Inventory of Your Own Pieces of Furniture

If you have wood pieces that you want to reupholster matching your preferences, hiring household upholstery services will allow you to provide your own sofa or chairs into something that looks more elegant and joyful.

It is quite common to see people tossing a perfectly functional piece of furniture because the fabric is worn down. If the fabric is worn down, or simply outdated, reupholstering your furniture or coming up with custom covers is an easy and cost-friendly way to give some life back to that old piece.

Saving a sofa or a chair from going to the landfill is also a good way to give yourself some peace of mind for 2021.

Do a Meticulous Cleaning

One of the easiest ways to cosy up your home for any season, and especially the new year, is to do a thorough cleanse. Although spot treatments and vacuuming are quite traditional and may suffice to some extent, your furniture inners, carpets and drapes harbour years of dust and pet fur.

Consider hiring a professional cleaner to clean your carpets and even explore the option of replacing your cushion inners to achieve that “just like new” feel that homemade and DIY solutions can’t bring.

It can also be the way to recover your sofa and your chairs, and essentially all of those pieces of furniture you thought were ready to be thrown away and make them look much fresher and alive.

It is never too late to bring back to life those pieces of furniture that were passed down to you by your family. Besides, it’s also a great way to make sure that no one else in your neighbourhood has the same household set as you.

Create Your Own Den

The perfect space is always a perfect mix of functionality and style. While so much of the focus on your home may be on hosting, given the circumstances we find ourselves in it’s important to carve out private nooks just for you and your family to find peace and relax.

Simply by adding a comfortable chair near a corner full of soft cushions will do the trick. Having a home you cherish and look forward to spending time in is pivotal for creating a more peaceful life, especially amidst troubling times.

Using deep colours is an effective way to give an impression of warmth and cosiness. Wooden furniture, on the other hand, works excellent in a combination with a dark palette, such as dark charcoal or berry shades.

Small changes like reupholstering and a deep cleanse can go quite a long way. You don’t need expensive purchases to make your home the perfect place to receive the new year. All you need is creativity and finding the right colours for this season.