Why gym equipment maintenance is important

Whether you’ve dug out your old weights machine from the garage or you’re running a state of the art fitness centre, maintenance matters. Fitness equipment can represent a significant capital investment. Regular upkeep ensures that it stays in working order for as long as possible.

It’s easy to overlook gym upholstery when it comes to general maintenance. But appearance matters and those minor rips and tears are the first things your customers will see. Upholstery damage can quickly amplify into more significant issues for your business. And you could soon find yourself out of pocket putting them right. 

Here’s why gym upholstery should be an essential part of your equipment maintenance.

Gym upholstery is a cost-effective option

Maintaining your fitness equipment is much more cost-effective than replacing your machines. It’s also more environmentally friendly, which should tick boxes when achieving your sustainability targets. 

There’s no need to get rid of that old exercise bench if you prefer a home workout. Commercial standard reupholstery will easily revive your old equipment with vinyl covers and new padding.

Replacing your gym upholstery is a quick win when you want to revamp your equipment rather than send it to a landfill. You’ll also find that pristine upholstery makes your centre much more welcoming to old and new members, who’ll be happy to work out whenever they want. 

It contributes to a longer lifespan for your machines

Ensuring your equipment is operating smoothly and safely is essential for your reputation. But it could also mean that expensive weight machines enjoy a longer lifespan. 

But gym upholstery also plays an integral part. High-quality commercial upholstery encourages your members to treat the equipment with respect and clean down after a workout. Whether you choose to colour match the repair or use your brand colours, your machines will look as good as the original.

It keeps users satisfied

No one wants to walk into the gym and find their favourite machine with an ‘out of order’ sign. It’s a quick way to lose customers, and poor word of mouth gets around fast. Our gym upholstery service is fast and convenient with the same day or staggered turnaround to minimise the disruption to your centre.

Well maintained fitness machines with hard-wearing commercial grade upholstery provide your members with the best possible workout and a reduced risk of injury. We also offer a foam replacement service to keep benches comfortable and well padded.

High-grade gym upholstery shows you care

Post-Covid, it’s more essential than ever that your gym equipment is kept clean and hygienic. Even without a pandemic, it’s a clear signal that you care about your members’ health and well being. Also, removing dust, dirt and sweat can help to extend the life of your gym upholstery.

It’s worth checking for minor rips and tears in exercise bike saddles and fitness bench covers. These can harbour dirt and quickly provide a breeding ground for germs. The jagged edges could also cut clients’ skin as they work out. And that’s not ideal when you’re trying to keep your fitness equipment and weight machines up to industry standards.

Don’t get rid. Get gym upholstery.

At South West Upholstery, we’re committed to sustainability and it’s at the heart of everything we do include our commercial gym upholstery. We have years of experience reupholstering workout equipment in high-grade vinyl or leather to help your machines enjoy a long lifespan. We can achieve a range of custom and personalised effects, including quilting, fluting and contrast piping to make your gym stand out. 

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