What is the best cushion filling for my furniture?

Which cushion filling should I go for?

Well, this all depends on your preference for the feel and look of your furniture. If you prefer a slouchy look and a soft feel, we’d recommend feather. Maybe you’re more concerned with the smart finish of the sofa and minimal care, in which case we’d recommend foam with a wrap. Read on to find out more and work out your perfect filling.

Hollowfibre cushion filling

We would only recommend using hollowfibre (or just ‘fibre’) as a cushion filling for back cushions. Other places might say it’s okay as a base cushion, but it doesn’t really provide value for money as it flattens very easily. If you like the soft feel we would recommend feather cushions instead; they are comparable in price. Having said that, it does work well as a back cushion due to its soft nature.

Hollowfibre cushions do require frequent plumping – the best way to do this is to grab the middle parts and pull the fibres apart. This puts the air right back in there!

A new loose cover with hollowfibre filling

Foam with Dacron wrap

This is the most popular filling among our customers. We have a wide range of foam grades to choose from, whether it’s for a base, back, or outdoor cushion. Once your foam grade is chosen we then look at the weight of Dacron you’d prefer. Dacron is a polyester wrap that gives a wonderfully plump look and lets you sink right into the cushion. We even have super soft foams suitable for back cushions, or if you’re looking to replace feather/fibre.

Bespoke sofa using foam with a 6oz Dacron wrap

Foam with feather wrap

Some customers like to have the defined shape of foam with the softness of feather, and for them this is a perfect solution. Occasional plumping is required to maintain comfort, but less than feather only and fibre cushions. If you’d like to discuss your options in full, we’d love to meet you at one of our showrooms. We have foam samples at both where you can check the density for yourself.

Base cushion on a customer’s sofa using foam with a feather wrap

Feather cushion filling

Gorgeously soft duck feather cushions provide a perfect base to relax into after a hard day’s work. They might start off feeling a little hard, but they will soften over time. Make sure you plump them regularly – one of the best ways is by throwing them onto the floor or giving them a bit of a beating. This pushes the air back in between the feathers. For this reason, feather cushions are excellent for base and back cushions but do require a little maintenance!

Bespoke sofa with feather cushion fillings

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