What is bespoke furniture?

As a nation, we are becoming increasingly mindful about waste and many individuals are upcycling and repairing their existing furniture where possible, to prevent furniture from being placed in a landfill. Sometimes, however, the only option for an individual is to commission a piece of bespoke furniture. In this guide, we look into more detail about what bespoke furniture is and analyse some common bespoke furniture design features.

What is bespoke furniture?

Bespoke furniture is the name given to all furniture that has been custom made or made to order. Many people choose to order bespoke furniture so it will be the exact right size and look the exact way they want. For example, a homeowner with an awkwardly sized living room may order a bespoke sofa to ensure it can sit snugly in their living room.

What features does bespoke furniture have?

Bespoke furniture can look any way the designer chooses. If you are ordering a piece of bespoke furniture, for example, you can choose the…

• Size of the furniture
• Material the furniture is constructed from
• Colour and finish of the furniture

Some individuals also choose to customise bespoke furniture with unique features, such as stencil detailing.

What is the process for ordering bespoke furniture?

1. Measure and design

Start by measuring the space you want your piece of bespoke furniture to fit and then start researching furniture designs, colours and materials you like.

2. Collaborate

You should then share your dimensions and whatever furniture ideas you currently have with the commercial upholstery company you are choosing to work with. The company will help you finalise your design and may be able to show you some sample pieces of furniture that will help you visualise your design.

3. Build

Your piece of bespoke furniture will then be expertly built to your exact requirements. To ensure a coherent final product, the same upholsterer should work on your bespoke item from the start to the end of a project.

4. Delivery

After your furniture has passed a strict quality control process, your item should be safely delivered to your door.

5. Style your furniture

You can then place your bespoke item of furniture in your home and style it as required. For example, if you have ordered a bespoke sofa you may wish to add cushions and a throw as the perfect finishing touches.

What items of furniture can be bespoke?

There are no regulations about which items of furniture can be bespoke, for example, you may wish to commission a bespoke…

• Bedframe
• Wardrobe
• Armchair
• Bookcase
• Sofa
• Table
• Crib

You can also commission multiple items of the same bespoke design, for example, if you own a café and want multiple bespoke seats for your business.

What are the benefits of purchasing a piece of bespoke furniture?

1. Unique

One of the main benefits of having a bespoke piece of furniture is that it will be unique to you, and no other piece of furniture like it will exist in the world. If you are particularly house-proud or like to celebrate your individuality, this may draw you to bespoke furniture.

2. Personal

As a piece of bespoke furniture is designed to your requirements, it will fit perfectly into your house and you won’t need to re-arrange other pieces of furniture to make room for the item.

3. Low maintenance

Are you tired of cleaning under your sofa or losing items that fall down the back of your wardrobe? When you make a bespoke piece of furniture you can ensure it is designed to perfectly fit an area and ensure there are no crevices that are unreachable or space between your wall and furniture, making the item very low maintenance.

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