What are the benefits of bespoke upholstery?

When you’re looking for a fresh and creative update for your interiors, bespoke upholstery is a good place to start.

Renovating your furniture can tie the look of a room together or create a stunning showpiece that becomes the focus of the space. Bespoke upholstery gives you the freedom to up-cycle older classics and create new heirlooms.

And if you’re looking for a sustainable way to create a unique piece from an old sofa that might otherwise end up in landfill, bespoke upholstery is a smart choice.

Why is bespoke upholstery so popular?

Contemporary interiors no longer rely on the matching three piece suite for impact. A standout sofa in a fabric design that expresses your personality is a clever way to bring a room bang up to date. And it doesn’t cost a fortune to transform your furniture into something effortlessly modern with a mix and match of patterns and textures.

It’s that fearless creativity and the opportunity to design something you won’t find anywhere else that makes bespoke upholstery so popular.

Unleash your creativity

Think bespoke and your interiors will immediately move away from the boring and generic. Whether you love the idea of an oversized headboard or a unique sofa and matching ottoman, bespoke upholstery creates statement pieces that suit your personality and are perfect for your home.

With thousands of possibilities there’s no limit to the way you can style your interiors. And your creative freedom doesn’t end with the choice of shape and fabric. Bespoke upholstery lets you drill down on the finer details, whether that’s multicoloured buttons that tie a room together or bespoke scatter cushions that add extra comfort and style.

Take control

When you’re shopping for ready-made furniture your options are limited. The chair design you like isn’t available in the right fabric and the sofa that’s in a fabric you love is uncomfortable to sit on. And that four seater you love is just too large for your living room.

Going bespoke with upholstery and custom made furniture puts you firmly in control. You can decide on the frame, the finish and the cushion inners to create a piece of furniture that’s the perfect size and finish for your home.

If you have a clear idea of how you want your interiors to look there’s no better way to get the effect you want. Not sure where to start? Read our guide to planning your bespoke upholstery.

Create a cohesive design

Buy pre-made and you run the risk of your interiors looking too ‘matchy matchy’, or not matchy enough. That’s the beauty of bespoke upholstery. The button detailing in your headboard can pick out the colours in your bedroom wallpaper, or the upholstery on a window seat can pick up on the colour of your walls.

Just set up your mood board with your fabric and trim swatches alongside your paint and wallpaper samples and you can get the seamless and polished finish you’re looking for.

Saving furniture, saving the planet!

From antique pieces to mid-century modern, older furniture was built to last. Yet a third of us throw away furniture that could be reused, recycled or up-cycled.

Bespoke upholstery is the sustainable way to bring those pieces up to date with dazzling modern fabrics and bespoke finishes. Even if you don’t want to reupholster a piece entirely, replacement cushion inners can give any chair or sofa a new lease of life.

Bespoke upholstery means you can reduce waste by keeping old furniture out of landfill. And who doesn’t love making an environmentally friendly and sustainable choice?

Let South West Upholstery bring your plans to life

If you’re looking for bespoke upholstery in the Bristol area, SWU can help. We’re ready to turn your plans into bespoke furniture pieces that show off your personality and that you’ll treasure forever. To find how, get in touch with us.