Top Tips to Modernise Your Caravan

With foreign holidays off the cards for most of us for another summer, people are looking a little closer to home. As a result, interest in caravanning is spiking — with many sites completely booked up for the summer months.

At the same time, however, many Britons are tightening their belts after an uncertain year. It’s no surprise, then, that many new owners are opting to buy cheaper second-hand models.

Whether you’re a new caravan-owner with a freshly-bought fixer-upper or a seasoned veteran looking to revamp your established tourer, you’ve come to the right place. This article is your guide to modernising your caravan or motorhome.

Reupholstery and soft furnishings for your caravan

Did your caravan come with bus-seat style upholstery? It might look charmingly retro, but wear and tear from years of use can produce furnishings that are scratchy, worn and sometimes even a little smelly!

If you want to modernise your caravan, there’s no better start than reupholstering your furniture. Even if the underlying structure is perfectly comfortable, battered and passé coverings can make the place look untidy. Luckily, you’re in the right place!

We can reupholster any type of seating or soft furnishings in your caravan. That’s anything from putting new covers on existing furniture to brand-new, made-to-measure caravan mattresses.

All you have to do is get in touch!

Put in some elbow grease

After years on the road, a caravan naturally accrues dust and dirt inside and out. So, grab a duster, a vacuum and a damp cloth, and get into every nook and cranny. Beat the dust out of furnishings, re-organise the storage space and give the windows a good scrub!

This lets you see your caravan at its very best, helping to give you some ideas for how you might like to revamp it. At the very least, you’ll have a clean caravan — at best, you’ll be able to visualise and itemise the improvements you’d like to make!

Reupholstery of cab, driver, and passenger seats

Aren’t they a stroke of genius? Available in nearly every shape and size, the motorhome offers all the advantages of a caravan with all the mobility of a car.

Unfortunately, however, an old and uncomfortable driving cabin can really detract from an otherwise pleasant van. Even worse, no matter where you go you have to take the time to drive there, so there’s not much of a way around the issue.

We know we’re biased, but reupholstering your motorhome’s driving cab really can make it much nicer to use, far kinder on the eyes, and far more comfortable to drive long distances.

And once it’s done, the new upholstery should last as long as the van itself!

See it in a new light

Many older caravans hail from a different era for home lighting. Rather than today’s low-energy LED and CFL bulbs, many of them are fitted with old electricity-guzzling halogen and incandescent lamps. Even just to lower your energy bill or make your own power go further, it’s probably worth making a change.

Lighting design also plays a part in your caravan’s overall look. Brand new adhesive LED lighting strips, reading lights and easy-on-the-eyes side lamps can make even an older caravan look sleek and chic while improving liveability.

Replacement of cushion inners

Nothing beats a morning cup of tea or an evening meal around your caravan’s dining table. And when it gets dark outside, it’s great to curl up on a chair with a good book.

Unfortunately, however, a lot of older caravan furnishings aren’t quite up to scratch. Ordinary use and the passing of time can degrade the materials until your caravan’s furniture becomes uncomfortable, poorly padded and battered-looking.

Replacing your furniture’s cushion inners can make your caravan far more comfortable to simply lounge around in — and after all, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Get in touch

If you’re looking to reupholster your caravan, we’re eager to help. You can read more, or check out our contact details. Happy trails!