Top Spring Decor Tips for Your Home

We’re midway through spring, but you still have time to redecorate your interiors to compliment the season. While most people spend time sprucing up their garden, a quick indoor makeover will make you feel warm and cosy.

Break out of your winter rut and follow these top tips to refresh your home this spring.

1. Rearrange furniture

Living rooms can look completely new and refreshed by just rearranging the floor plan and moving things around. Place some statement pieces to transform your living room into an awe-inspiring space.

2. Bring in natural lighting

Spring is all about embracing natural light on sunnier days. Replace your wool curtains with linen and choose lighter colours for your furniture fabrics.

3. Recover old wooden furniture pieces

Old wooden furniture can make good statement pieces when refurbished properly. If you have furniture with wooden frames, professional polishing can restore it to its true beauty. Whether you require a slight touch-up of the wood or want to change the colour completely, we at South West Upholstery are able to assist with your enquiry.

4. Bring the foliage in

Freshen things up in any area of your house by placing plants at focal points in the rooms. Use big leaves that can be arranged in colourful vases or accentuate a table with brightly coloured flowers. Don’t be afraid to line a corner of a room with foliage and make spring bloom indoors!

5.  Refresh your Bedding

Improve your bedroom by splurging on some fancy bedding. Use fresh and vibrant colours to complement your spring decor. South West Upholstery provides a variety of services to create stunning pieces that can give a luxurious look to your room.

Changing your headboard can entirely alter the feel of your bedroom. We can upholster existing headboards to any design in the material of your choice, including fabric, vinyl and leather. We also offer bespoke headboards and are experienced at creating brand new headboards to any size and shape.

We can upholster your footstools to match your preferred spring decor design. Choose from fabric, vinyl or leather and state the measurements, style of choice and material.

We offer you different options so you’re sure to obtain that spring themed decor you’re looking for. If you have an existing cushion, we can provide a cover for your current inners. You can also purchase ready made cushions from our Voyage Maison collection with luxurious feather fillings, or ones we’ve handmade in our workshop. But if you have a specific style in mind, tell us your preference and we can make the perfect bespoke scatter cushion for you.

6. Incorporate Pops of Colour

Scatter brightly coloured pieces and accessorise your coffee table with interesting objects, affordable vases and colourful books. Just remember to keep it simple and fresh by not overdoing the changes. You don’t have to replace everything to complement the season as spring is best represented by natural and straightforward designs.

7. Dress your Table with Pretty Servingware

Stock up for your spring tea party by purchasing new servingware and replacing your faded chipped plates and cups adding pretty splashes of colour. However, you don’t have to buy expensive dinnerware when you can improvise with existing plates and little crates to make them statement pieces.

8. Replace Frames of Artworks

You don’t have to sell or store your art pieces to complement the glowing aura of spring. Change dull wooden frames to golden or silver coloured ones to instantly change the mood of the room.

9. Reupholster a Statement Piece

If you have antique furniture that is in need of a serious redesign, what better time than spring to have it reupholstered and give it a new look. South West Upholstery can expertly upholster your furniture and are able to offer a range of options depending on your needs. We believe 18 years of experience speaks volumes for the quality and trust we offer our customers. If you’re planning to have an antique piece upholstered, please take the time to review our upholstery process to know the care and hard work we put in to create the best statement piece for our customers.

10. Apply a New Lick of Paint or Wallpaper

If you’re itching to brighten a dull looking room,spring is the time to create an accent wall to lighten the area. First, identify the area in need of redesign, like a bedroom that only has warm hues or a cramped living room. Choose a wall that will serve as the focal point of the room and determine the designs you require. You can choose to paint warm pastels or hang floral wallpaper, whatever is best to balance the overall spring decor of your room.

Spring is the season of renewal and it’s the perfect time to give your home’s interior its much-needed face-lift. Last year’s trend filled our homes with metallic furnishings and tropical jungle prints. Today, bright colour pops, vintage florals and ice-cream pastels are all the rage, but if this year’s style is not your thing you don’t have to follow every key point above to complement your space with the season.

A pretty statement piece can transform a dark and dingy looking room into an area you can enjoy for spring. If you fancy having bespoke furniture made or upholster existing furniture, South West Upholstery can bring your spring designs to life. Speak to one of our sales team to see how we can help freshen your home for spring.

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