Top Interior Design Trends For Autumn Winter 2018

Whilst it might be hard to say goodbye to the colourful and carefree days summer has brought us, we must now prepare ourselves as the temperature outside slowly drops. For most people, getting ready for the cold and chilly days of the autumn and winter seasons include doing a little home redecorating in order to adapt. The good thing is, you don’t really have to swap sofas every season just to give your home a new, refreshing look. One simple approach is by starting off with a few basic pieces and then slowly adding a few accessories along the way.

If you are planning on dressing up your home to suit these exciting cooler, crisper months to come, we have compiled the latest top interior design trends of 2018 you could get ideas from.

1. Navy Blue Hues

Navy blue is an undeniable classic colour, capable of providing a traditional design style ,but giving a bold contemporary look at the same time. Whilst icy blues can be typically off-putting in cooler months, a sophisticated darker shade of blue can create a cosy, calming and warming effect perfect for your seasonal interior makeover this autumn and winter.

2. Autumn Maple

Along with brass and gold, an autumn maple colour can provide your home with a burst of optimism and vitality which will also be suitable for the upcoming winter months. Dress up your living room with luxurious soft furnishings and rich wallpaper in this autumnal orangey shade and welcome an atmosphere of warmth, personality and sophistication.

3. Nordic Winter

What probably makes the Scandinavian trend preferred by many interior designers is how easy it is to transition from the warm summer months into the crisp, chilly days of autumn and winter. Inspired by the long and dreary winter season in the Nordic countries, the Scandinavian-style utilises space and natural light, as well as plenty of snug soft furnishings to add extra warmth.

4. All The Pinks

If you’re not into the typical rusty tones you usually see during autumn, utilising dusty, old-fashioned pinks might be a good call. What’s more, because the shade of pink is such an easy-on-the-eye colour, it will be simple to apply to your home. Be bold by reupholstering your old sofa with a vibrant pink velvet or add more interest to your interior by adding printed floral and layered textures on fabrics.

5. Curved Seating

Contemporary curved velvet chairs are always on trend no matter what the season, if you already have one in a more summery design, consider getting it reupholstered with a style that will go with your autumn/winter setting.

6. Heritage Charm

Give your home a captivating touch of old-world charm by incorporating an influx of tartan, checks and paisley.

7. Darker Palettes

Layer darker hues of browns, greys and purple tones to create a seductive, yet cosy and relaxing atmosphere of comfort, perfect for the cold months.

8. Oversized Floral

Who says summer is the only season allowing a floral theme? A few captivating floral prints in your home can give a more vibrant atmosphere on chilly days especially when designed on a larger scale. Just be sure to keep the rest of your interior look simple so the floral look will stand out.

9. Fascinating Textures

Get on trend and add a smooth touch of serenity to your home by incorporating a carpet or pieces of furniture with different intriguing and fascinating textures.

10. Simplicity

If you think the upcoming winter months will be gloomy, it might be a good call to welcome simplicity by scaling back on clutter and even clear some furnishings to create more space for a positive atmosphere.

11. Leather

Leather is one of the most dominant fabrics in fashion this autumn and winter seasons. Apart from updating your wardrobe with leather trench coats, skirts and trousers in a range of colours, consider incorporating a few pieces of leather furnishings such as chairs, tactile lampshades and sofas.

12. Modern Neutrals

Another way of giving your home a soothing and calming atmosphere is by mixing different elements that will create a stunning, yet simple look with the emphasis on natural-looking pieces of furniture.

13. Gold

Whilst gold has been a trend last spring and summer, it still hasn’t lost its shine and even continues to fascinate most interior designers, providing countless autumn and winter style ideas. Partner up your Mid-Century modern furniture with a gold carpet and see the effect you will get.

14. Bright Shapes

Add style to a modern interior by incorporating a mix of bold shades in different shapes such as stripes, spots and blocks.

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