Time To Dust Off The Cobwebs

It’s nearly time to get the garden furniture out from the shed, dust the cobwebs off and work out what has survived and what is in need of a good repair or even (dare we say it) replacing altogether! Either way we can help, whether it’s repairing ripped furniture, reupholstering old pieces or creating additional cushions to make what you already have a bit comfier. Take this swinging bench for example, with the addition of these four plump cushions in a range of different fabrics it was instantly made much more comfortable (and appealing).

What you may not know is that we also specalise in caravan and motorhome upholstery. We are able to fully reupholster seats in one day and also offer courier service to collect and deliver your seats back to you on completion of the works. We hold an extensive range of fabric, leather and vinyl to match each and every job.

With the weather expected to become much warmer (we don’t dare say ‘hotter’) next week, now is the perfect time to see what the damage is and repair it before it’s too late and you’ve already packed it all up ready for the next adventure!

If you’re not quite too sure which fabric to upholster your existing pieces of furniture in or as we mentioned earlier some additional cushions or seat covers, why not take a look at the wide range of fabrics our suppliers offer: https://swupholstery.wpengine.com/view-fabrics/.

We have created a new Pinterest board full of beautiful gardens filled with outdoor furniture, furnishings and gorgeous cushions to inspire you – we figured the current weather probably wouldn’t provide much inspiration!

Do you see any of these in your garden anytime soon? Ok well maybe not all of them but we hope it at least makes you want to give your old furniture a bit of TLC ready for the warmer months!