We started our business 23 years ago, specialising in reupholstery and furniture restoral. We’ve grown massively in that time, becoming by far the most recognised and reputed upholstery company in Bristol, and one of the best in the UK too! Despite our success, we remain family owned and run to this day. We’re proud to offer you the best upholstery services in the country at prices that are affordable for anyone. We’re here to help you, and our reviews speak for themselves!

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Furniture Reupholstery

Furniture reupholstery allows you to revive a beloved piece of furniture. By stripping your furniture piece down to its original frame and transforming it, investing in furniture reupholstery is the cost-effective option, as well as saving you time and energy on buying a brand new piece. In reupholstering your furniture you are also helping to save the planet with your piece not going to landfill.

Our attention to detail when it comes to furniture reupholstery has always been an important part of our business and we are proud to stand behind the quality of the work of our upholsterers. With decades of experience in reupholstery services, we love to work with a variety of clients – whether that be for commercial or domestic use. Any furniture reupholstery needs, we can tackle!

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Our Reupholstery Services

By reupholstering your furniture with intricate craft and quality, you can give a new lease of life to your worn out piece. Luckily, we can reupholster almost anything that has fabric, leather or vinyl on!
Our Furniture Reupholstery Services cover the following;

● Sofas
● Chairs
● Three-piece suites
● Window seats
● Footstools & ottomans
● Dining chairs
● Bedroom chairs
● Headboards
● And more!

Fabric & Leather Reupholstery

Your sofa or chair can be upholstered with any fabric and made to any design you desire depending on the original structure. Due to our knowledge and experience, our reupholstery experts can even perform leather reupholstery.

Whether you need help to refresh your leather furniture, or you’d like to discuss the options of changing from fabric to leather, we’ve got you covered.

As with all our fabrics, we will even send you free samples of a selection of leather hide options to find the colour and finish you want. Keep in mind leather hides are a natural product and will show signs of age, scars and marks.

The Benefits of Reupholstering

The decision to invest in furniture reupholstery is often a hard one. In a world where old and worn items often get discarded, we know it can be tempting to simply buy new. But, here At South West Upholstery, we understand the many benefits of reupholstering your furniture.

● Reupholstering furniture helps the environment by not letting your piece end up in landfill
● You get to keep all original features of your piece
● Comfort isn’t compromised with reupholstery
● Choose from a range of fabrics to suit your personal style
● We can replace cushions with fresh new inners using foam or feather

Truth be told, these are only some of the benefits you get from choosing furniture reupholstery
services! If you’d like to read more, we published a post on some of the best reasons to reupholster your old furniture. Just click the button below to read it!

Furniture Reupholstery With South West Upholstery

Wherever you are in the UK, we are excited to partner with you for your furniture reupholstery. If you have a sentimental piece of furniture, something you’ve saved from the skip, or you just fancy a change for your furniture, we will guide you along this exciting process!

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