Restaurant and pub seating upholstery

Pub seating upholstery

A great way to recycle existing furniture, to save costs and waste, is to upholster seating areas. If you are looking for brand new bench seating, have a look at our blog on bench seating for businesses. If you are interested in receiving a quote for pub seating upholstery, we offer free no obligation site visits to discuss your needs.

Button back seating

An easy way to add luxury to your business is by adding detail to the back of your seating, be it fluting or buttons. Here, we upholstered existing seating with a button back feature for Circo, a stunning new cocktail bar open in Bath. The style of the seating perfectly complements the rest of the decor. We are very happy to advise on the exact design of the buttons, including size of buttons and distance between them.

Button back seating at Circo, Bath
High button back seating at Circo, Bath

Using complementary fabrics

Another of our clients, The Scallop Shell in Bath, were struggling with their seating as they felt the quality didn’t match the quality of their restaurant. We replaced the material with an easy care vinyl in keeping with their colour scheme. The result is something fabulous; the deck chair/beach theme has been continued but the upholstery is now in line with the superb quality of the establishment.

The Scallop Shell, Bath – before
The Scallop Shell, Bath – after

Chairs and stools

It’s not only bench seating that we can upholster; we can also upholster individual chairs, single stools, or almost anything else you require! With the jobs below, we upholstered the chair in a durable vinyl: we painted the stools and upholstered the tops.

Individual chairs
Stools painted and upholstered at The Darlington, Redhill

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