Refresh your Ercol furniture

Ercol Furniture Restoration

If you’re reading this page, chances are you’ve heard of Ercol furniture! In case you haven’t, let us fill you in a little.

Ercol furniture has been around since 1920, when Italian Lucian Ercolani opened his own furniture business, having completed drawing and furniture courses in Shoreditch. Throughout its existence, it has provided a classic, timeless form of furniture aimed at comfort in simplicity. Ranges were developed during the war and post-war eras, offering a practical yet stylish solution to seating problems.

Many original items are still in frequent use even today, a testament to Ercol’s excellent quality frames. They can be restored to their former glory in materials matching their previous covers, or transformed into something in keeping with the modern trends of today’s market.

Here at South West Upholstery we know that Ercol furniture items can be very precious to their owners, especially with the history they might hold as family heirlooms. That is why we always take the highest care to look after them. Included below you can find a few examples of previous work we have carried out – just click on the photo for a larger version! You’ll see we even work with leather, and are one of the few companies in the South West to do so with Ercol pieces.

Jubilee three piece suite in leather
Windsor easy chairs and studio couch
Windsor two seater settee
Windsor easy chairs
Ercol Tub chairs

BP’s experience

One customer – let’s call her BP – was reluctant to dismiss her treasured Ercol Evergreen chair when she purchased new furniture. While looking through a few fabric sample books, BP noticed that we stock the same fabric as her suite is upholstered in, so we could match her new suite! As BP’s chair had served her through many decades, the foam needed replacing. BP found the perfect foam grade for the back and base, having tested sample pieces in our North Street showroom.

To be in keeping with her more recent furniture, we also replaced the fluted back with buttons, exactly where she wanted them. The webbing on the base of the chair had stretched a substantial amount so we took out the old Pirelli straps and replaced them with new Pirelli webbing – just like new once again but in keeping with the original features. BP was so happy that she wrote us this lovely review!

Mrs Peters Review
BP’s Evergreen Ercol chair

How we can help

Each item of Ercol furniture requires a different amount of work. Whether you’re looking to restore or refresh it, we can repair frames, French polish the wood, supply new foam, upholster the cushions, or all of the above! If you require brand new cushions for an Ercol frame that lost its own along the way, we can happily help by making up new ones. We have a wide variety of fabrics available for your selection, from traditional to modern, patterned to plain, velvet to linen.

If you have memories of an old friend owning Ercol furniture, or you’ve always loved the design but haven’t been able to find exactly what you’re looking for, let us know and we might be able to help source an item for you. There’s no harm in asking!

Get in touch today and we can provide you with a quotation for the work. Don’t forget we can also visit you at home for a free quotation, with no obligation to go ahead!