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Quieting the kids’ playroom with acoustic soundproofing

When you put 2 or more children together in a room, the sound levels will meet uncomfortable levels in no time at all. It can quickly escalate to the point of interrupting your daily activities. Children shout, scream and cry, and as the noise levels go up everyone must raise their voices even more to compensate, resulting in the noise increasing further.

The problems with playrooms

Most playrooms are rectangular spaces built from hard wall surfaces and often floors with laminated wood or vinyl coverings. The joyous sound of children at play reverberates off all these hard surfaces to create a din that can both rile on the nerves and cause undesirably high levels of stress. There is no exit for the escalating acoustic energy to escape, so it can only continue to rise. Children grow tired from having to scream and shout louder, meaning they become irritable and what should be a pleasant, enjoyable experience for them and their parents quickly becomes a headache for everyone involved. Fortunately, thanks to an unusual upholstery skill, South West Upholstery can provide something to help.

What’s the solution?

We have the skills and knowledge to develop bespoke acoustic panels that can be applied to the walls in a playroom. These panels have the power to absorb a large amount of that noise and immediately lower the noise level in the room to ensure the environment is more comfortable and conducive to a positive play experience. Our acoustic soundproofing panels incorporate high-density wool to absorb sound across a wide acoustic range, encapsulating the sound-absorbing contents in panels that prevent dust from getting inside, and upholstering the outside for further sound absorption. We are one of the only upholsterers in Bristol with the skills and knowledge to offer this kind of soundproofing solution, and every panel is produced to the highest standards to look beautiful and function perfectly.

We can use a wide range of fabrics to ensure the panels we supply are tailor-made for your space. We aim to ensure the pieces are in pleasing shapes and colours to complement your space and add a visual element to play areas in addition to the noise reduction properties. Once installed, kids will be able to play in a less noisy environment that promotes a less stressful atmosphere. Kids learn through play, and when the environment is designed with the right elements to create a positive experience, they will get the most out of every play session.

Diverse experience

South West Upholstery have produced acoustic panels for a range of environments. Schools and universities are a popular destination for our work, but we have even taken on more unusual projects like supplying soundproofing solutions to go inside large generators for the Ministry of Defence. Here, it was essential to reduce the very high sound levels to ensure people working nearby were not being subjected to unsafe noise levels. We always create our panels to the exact specifications our clients specify, whether we are developing them for large organisations or small private enterprises.

The team at South West Upholstery are based in Bristol, but we can supply anywhere in the UK with our acoustic soundproofing panels. If your children’s playroom frequently becomes an unbearable noise box, we can produce effective, elegant solutions that will help bring the noise down. Contact us today on 0117 370 2745 or email [email protected] to tell us about your situation and get expert advice on what will help.

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