Outdoor Furniture Reupholstery: Get Ready for the Summer!

With lockdown restrictions finally easing, it’s time to venture outside and start enjoying the best of the British weather. But before inviting friends and family over for that long-awaited summer barbeque, have you checked whether your outdoor upholstery is up to the job? If your cushions have lost their lustre or become uncomfortable, now’s the time to refresh or replace them.

Changing or updating your outdoor cushions couldn’t be easier when you choose SWU Upholstery – so you won’t have to put your entertainment on hold. 

Here are a few reasons to make SWU your first choice.

Need waterproof cushions for garden furniture?

This usually happens when the seams aren’t properly sealed, meaning water is still able to find its way inside. Unfortunately, waterproof doesn’t always mean waterproof. It might say so on the label – but, after an overnight downpour, your outdoor upholstery is damp and not suitable for use.

If you want to celebrate the easing of restrictions in style, don’t leave things to chance. Invest in outdoor garden upholstery that’ll be comfortable whatever the British weather (which, as you know, can be hard to predict).

Our outdoor upholstery is made from waterproof fabric that’s then sealed at the seams using special tape that’ll keep your cushions dry all year long. So you won’t need to cancel your plans after all.

Outdoor upholstery in Bristol that looks the part too

Even the best outdoor furniture can look underwhelming when decorated with plain or jaded cushions. Surely you’d prefer to welcome your guests in style by chaperoning them to a seating area that looks bright, stylish, and inviting. 

Our Sunbrella fabrics aren’t just built to survive harsh weather conditions. They look attractive too and come in a range of patterns and colours – meaning you’ll be able to find something that suits your taste.

The outdoor upholstery fabric we use is designed to retain its allure. Built-in UV protection prevents the material from fading, so you can continue to entertain friends and family in your garden for many years to come without replacing your cushions.

Watch the water drain through

There’s nothing worse than waking up in the morning to find your cushions have become soggy. This doesn’t just make your outdoor upholstery uncomfortable and unusable – over time it can lead to the development of mould. In which case, your cushions will need to be thrown away.

SWU uses reticulated honey shaped foam in its cushions. This means water runs through upholstery instead of being absorbed into it. 

Just think, you won’t have to cancel your plans because your garden furniture is soaked through with rainwater. 

Not just for garden parties

No matter what outdoor location you’ve chosen for your celebrations, our outdoor upholstery will deliver comfort and style in equal measure. Whether you’re partying on a houseboat, barbequing at a park, or caravaning in the New Forest, you’ll be able to mark the occasion in the best way possible. 

Replace or refresh your outdoor upholstery

If you love your cushions, there’s no need to replace them. We can reupholster instead – restoring their lustre and making them comfortable in preparation for the arrival of your guests.

Would you prefer something different, to celebrate the easing of restrictions perhaps? Then tell us what your requirements are, supply some dimensions, and we’ll do the rest.

How can we help?

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