Our favourite 2014 upholstery projects

It’s always good to reflect on the year that’s just passed, most people begin by making resolutions for the New Year (which dare we say it, a majority of the time fail to make it to the end of the year!) but instead we want to start by sharing some of our favourite upholstery projects from 2014 with you!

We had a wide range of different projects at South West Upholstery during 2014, ranging from guitars to DJ booths. Not to mention the two army vehicle canvas canopies that we restored to their former glory using the original materials which then went on to be used in films!

These unusual projects kept us on our toes and allowed us to show off our workmanship with the attention to detail and ability to tailor it to the customers’ needs. Take the old seat chest below for example, it was a family heirloom dating back to 1884 that we were trusted to upholster with a red velvet cushion and inside lining in order for it to be used as storage. It was great to know that we were helping to keep an heirloom within the family for many more generations to come!

We had our fair share of gorgeous antique furniture last year with a wide range of different pieces dating back centuries! Whether it was an antique piece of furniture found in a skip or shop (or as we mentioned before an heirloom that had been passed down the family) that needed restoring, we enjoyed the challenge of bringing them back to life!

Here at South West Upholstery we relish the opportunity to take an old-fashioned piece of furniture and bring it into the 21st century, either through the choice of fabric or even the colour of it. A majority of the antique pieces that were upholstered were given a whole new lease of life through a splash of unexpected colour. However we also strive to keep true to the original look and feel of the piece, for example the trio of vintage chairs which were matched with lightly-coloured velvet.

So what’s our favourite? Well that’s quite a hard question to answer as every piece is so different from the last, whether it is the colour, design, date or fabric of the piece of furniture! Below is a selection of the final pieces that we whittled it down to that we felt showed a wide range of our work last year.

However we weren’t able to choose just the one unfortunately! So instead our top three are: the custom made England chair upholstered in white vinyl with red fabric, Ercol sofa upholstered in purple, grey and blue cloth and the multi-coloured dining room chairs – after all who wouldn’t want those in their house?

The question is what is your favourite or did you in fact get an item of furniture upholstered with South West Upholstery last year? If so, we’d love to hear from you!

P.s We will be running a competition in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out!