NEW Sunbury Design Aquaclean Fabrics

Now stocking Aquaclean fabrics by Sunbury Design

We are excited to announce we have the latest collection of Aquaclean fabrics on display at our North Street showroom; 7 ranges in total.

What are Aquaclean fabrics?

Aquaclean fabrics are pretty much magical; almost all stains can be removed using just water! This even includes red wine, so why not choose your fabric, sit back and relax with a lovely glass of red.

How do Aquaclean fabrics work?

We think Sunbury Design can show you better than we can tell you; click here to take a look at the video on their website that they have created to demonstrate the appeal of the fabrics. Each strand of the fabric is covered in a molecular layer of protective substance that prevents the stain even reaching the fabric.

Aquaclean have even provided a series of helpful videos to see how to remove all types of stains from their Aquaclean fabrics. You can see more here, on their website.

Why choose Aquaclean fabrics?

Having been in the industry for many years, we believe that these fabric ranges bridge the gap between vinyl and material; the practical and the stylish. The fabric ranges create many more options for those who are practically minded who may be concerned that choosing fabric for their furniture isn’t a sensible option but don’t really want to choose leather. By choosing an Aquaclean fabric, there is peace of mind knowing that stains can be cleaned out with water.

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