NEW Fabric Collections

Fabric collections to inspire

We always love receiving new sample books. The potential that comes with new material is so exciting! It’s amazing to think about the process that was involved in creating that particular material, from the idea to the finished product.

Maybe that’s just us, but we just adore new fabric collections! It’s our job to know the books inside out so we can help you to find the perfect fabric for your furniture. With every new collection comes the possibility that we have exactly what you’re looking for – even if you’re not quite sure what that is.

A selection of our new fabric and leather collections

Leather from Crest JMT

The newest leather collection from Crest JMT Leather is their Saloon range and it is scratch-proof; perfect for people with pets. You can even come in and try scratching it for yourself if you don’t believe us! Available in seven different colours and with a fabulous grain to finish.

Agua Fabrics

We are happy to announce the Agua Fabric range is now available to order from both of our showrooms. With a range of easy care fabrics and faux leathers, they offer a taste of something different. There’s even a faux leather range designed to look like fabric, so if you’re looking for wipe clean material that doesn’t look like vinyl, this could be your answer.

Agua Fabrics – Parody Sea Grass
Agua Fabrics – Parody Linen Orchid
Agua Fabrics – Parody Denim Ocean
Agua Fabrics – Parody Oatmea

Warwick new fabric collections

Warwick have released a few new gorgeous collections; both patterned and plain. Mardi Gras is a delightfully summery book, offering abstract floral designs and funky patterns, tying it all together with plains such as Plush Velvet and Key Largo. Key Largo has had its range extended to include even more fabulous colours, as has Rouen. The new fabric collection Kaleidoscope introduces geometric design and a new velvet design called Monarch. A lot of the fabrics can also be used as curtains, providing an easy way to create continuity in your room.

Warwick – Mardi Gras Fabric Collection
Warwick – Key Largo New Colours
Warwick – Rouen New Colours
Warwick – Kaleidoscope Fabric Collection
Warwick – Monarch Velvet

View in store

All of these sample books can be viewed at either of our showrooms. Our sales staff would be happy to assist you and order free samples for you.