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Finding the perfect fabric

Choosing material can be tricky! Don’t worry though, as we’re here to help guide you through the process and narrow down your choices. If you have your own project, you are very welcome to just buy materials from us as well.


Choosing the material can be the most important part of the process, especially if you envision having the furniture for another decade or two. Perhaps you’ll know exactly what you want from the moment you walk through the door and that’s fine! However, if you want to consider your options a little more, we also offer a sample service so you can view the potential fabrics at home, in the lighting where the furniture will be. It gives a good idea of how the fabric looks in natural and artificial lighting, which sometimes makes quite a difference. Order free samples from Linwood, Warwick, Harlequin, Morris & Co, Yarwood Leather, Sunbrella fabrics and many more – view our full list of suppliers on Our Suppliers page.

Large samples

Request as many postcard samples as you like, and if they’re from Warwick or Linwood fabric we can arrange for larger, returnable samples for you. These are particularly helpful if you’re choosing a pattern, as it gives a great idea of what the material might look like on your furniture. Linwood also supplies a fabulous piece of paperwork called a ‘Lookbook’ with any sample orders, showing you what the material looks like on furniture and as curtains, which is particularly helpful when considering a fabric with a large pattern.

We can deliver samples anywhere in the UK and would be happy to find some suitable options if you live further away from us – your furniture could then be couriered to and from us or you can arrange to collect and deliver yourself. If you live in the Bristol and Bath wider region we also offer a collection and delivery service.


Fabrics are the most popular material choice with our customers, and that’s because there is such a variety of choice. From bold patterns to tight weaves, to a simple plain design, we have it all. Find out more on our suppliers’ websites, which can be found on our Suppliers page.

Aquaclean fabric

Sunbury Design offer fabrics with a magical technology called ‘Aquaclean’. It means that stains, including red wine and biro, can be cleaned off using water only! This is very helpful for a busy or spillage-prone environment. The Aquaclean fabrics offer a wonderful alternative to leather or faux leather, created especially for you fabric lovers who think practically and economically. It does seem too good to be true, so if you want to see it for yourself watch the video below.


Leather is a popular choice for its wipe-clean properties. It requires a little more care than fabric or vinyl but develops its own character over the years, adding a unique touch to your furniture. We only use the best, real leather so you know it will last for many years; no flakes here! We are partner accounts with both Crest JMT Leather and Yarwood Leather, known for their quality hides.


Faux leather (also called vinyl) is a great alternative for those who don’t want to use leather. With a wipe-clean surface and high Martindale rating, it is particularly popular with contract customers. There is a range of plain and patterned samples available in a wide variety of colours and all treated to the contract Crib 5 fire-retardant standard.


We have a range of fabrics suitable for outdoor use, which means you can choose to keep your cushions out all year round! Find out more about our outdoor cushion service on our Outdoor Cushion page. With fabrics from Sunbrella, Sunbury Design and Agua Fabrics, we’re here to help you find the perfect fabric to complement your outdoor space. A number of these fabrics are also UV resistant, so any fading concerns can go out the window.

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Supply your own

We will always do our best to find exactly what you are looking for, however we are aware that sometimes our customers fall in love with the perfect fabric elsewhere. We can use fabric supplied by you, as long as we feel it is suitable for the intended use, and preferably with an FR certificate for your peace of mind. If you need us to, we can estimate how many metres of fabric you’ll need for your piece of furniture. You can also just buy fabric from us if you intend to carry out your own DIY project.