How to revamp your conservatory for summer!

After over a year of lockdowns and regulations, we are finally at the beginning of summer 2021. And, with lockdown rules slowly but surely being lifted, it also means having guests round to your home is allowed. Therefore, officially, there has been no better time to revamp your conservatory space!

If you have been looking around at your extra living space during the lockdown, wondering how you can get the most of it, there is still time to make those last-minute changes.

Mix and match your fabrics

We would go as far as to argue that matching furniture can become a little predictable, old-fashioned, and not very exciting. Orderly chaos is what you’re after to give your conservatory a little zhoosh.

Whether you’re attracted to stripes, patterns, colours, or plain fabrics, we have a wide variety of conservatory upholstery fabrics for you to choose from. We’ve also ensured that our conservatory fabrics are designed to help prevent fading. Some of our fabrics are also less inclined to fade in sunlight. Don’t believe us? We even offer free samples!

Polish, polish, polish!

Most people don’t understand the importance of polishing. For example, you may be surprised to learn that, ideally, you should actually be polishing furniture every six weeks or so to ensure it remains in good condition. A good polish can bring anything back to life. Whether it’s a small touch up, or sand and bead blasting to bring your furniture a new lease of life, you can’t go wrong.

Choosing furniture polishing and spraying from specialists will make sure your furniture receives the correct treatment without having to re-do or worry about any errors. Our services include paint spraying, French furniture polishing, and stripping wood furniture, amongst many others!

Re-upholster your Conservatory cushions

When you look at the seating in your conservatory, does it appear a little tired and drab? Do they feel a little saggy and uncomfortable compared to when you first sat on them? The most important thing to do is to not jump to any conclusions and chuck it. On the contrary, it could just do with a little make-over to make it look good as new. Often, a simple replacement of the cushions is necessary. In fact, we’d advise it due to conservatory cushions constant exposure to sunlight. This can make the fabric fade and even become damaged due to the UV rays.

At South West Upholstery, we can offer upholstery services for existing cushions to give them that new feel, or supply brand new made-to-measure cushions. Either way, we’ll make sure comfort is brought back into your living space.

Non-upholstery ways to revamp!

Although we love all things upholstery, we can appreciate that there are several others ways to improve your conservatory. Some of our favourite ways include:

– Bring the outside in! Adding colour is easily achieved by adding a few summery flowers to your conservatory decor.
– Fitting some conservatory blinds can have a variety of benefits. Not only will they add a bit of style to the place, but they can also help keep the internal temperature relatively low – specifically when a heatwave hits. You’ll thank us later!
– Simply adding homely touches can completely transform your extra living space, truly making it an extension to your home.

Whatever you choose to help revamp your conservatory, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing all of your personal touches shine through. And the sun, of course.

How can we help?

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