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Factors That Tell Whether Your Sofa Is Worth Reupholstering

Should you reupholster your old sofa?

Since your sofa is probably one of the focal points and the most utilised piece of furniture in your living room, it is inevitable for it to eventually look tired and lose its once wonderful aesthetic appearance. This is especially true if you have children and pets at home and you may have considered reupholstering or just buying something new.

The answer to this question is not as simple as a yes or no as there are a number of important factors you have to take into consideration before settling on a decision. Whilst you may already be planning on buying a new sofa, having your current sofa reupholstered can be worthwhile, especially in the circumstances listed below.

What is the difference between re-covering and reupholstering?

There are still a lot of people who confuse reupholstering with re-covering. What you need to know is that re-covering is more of a cosmetic procedure which only involves the replacement of the furniture’s fabric. The good news is, the loose cover industry continues to produce covers that fit like upholstery but are removable for easy cleaning and are being offered at prices typically about half the cost of reupholstering. If you have a classic-shaped sofa which is still in good condition, a loose cover can be a better solution for you.

The process of reupholstering, on the other hand, could involve replacing the padding and springs, as well as mending the frame and re-staining any wood. Simply put, a complete re-upholstery job is more structural in nature as it involves a lot of labour and replacement of material. The outcome is going to be comparable to a new piece of furniture since you will basically have the same frame but otherwise a new sofa.

Factors you have to take into consideration

Whilst getting your old sofa reupholstered can be quite expensive depending on its current state, the decision is probably going to be worthwhile, especially under the following conditions.

  • The sofa is a family heirloomThere are certain things that come into our lives which are irreplaceable and you can never put a monetary value on them. That said, if your sofa has special sentimental value, especially if it has been in your family for a while now and has been a prized possession with family history, you may want to hold on to it so reupholstering is definitely a great idea.
  • The sofa is a valuable antiqueReupholstering makes sense if your sofa dates back over a century and you have invested good money into it. Since the sofa cannot be replaced by something brand new, the process of reupholstering is a great solution for restoring your antique piece of furniture. South West Upholstery can help you ensure that your sofa will retain its valuable quality.
  • The sofa has ‘good bones’It would also be a good idea to reupholster if your sofa is of a very high quality. To know if your furniture has a solid structure, the overall weight of the sofa should feel substantial, the arms should not feel loose from the body and it should not squeak when you give it a strong shake. If the sofa passed these tests, it is probably of a high enough quality to last another remake which will significantly cost you less than when you decide to purchase a new sofa of a comparable quality.
  • The sofa needs a new styleIf you want to have a sofa that will fit your room style better, you don’t have to consider buying an all new piece right away. Another good thing about reupholstering is that some changes to style and shape can be made such as:
    1. Over-padding the arms
    2. Converting attached cushions into loose cushions
    3. Splitting a single seat cushion into two or replacing two cushions with only one
    4. Removing or adding a skirt
    5. Replacing the legs
  • The sofa’s size suits your family’s needsKeep in mind that the size of your sofa should be one that suits your family’s needs and fits well into the room for which it is intended. Although you may desire a new design to go with your home’s most recent interior decoration, think about the good times you and your family have spent, sitting and spending quality moments on that cosy sofa.
  • It will cost you less than getting an all-new piece

Before considering replacing your old sofa with a brand new piece, think about the money you could save by only having minimal alterations to your sofa’s upholstery whilst giving it a fresh look. Even if you are provided with an estimate that costs a little more than what you have expected, all the circumstances above should still come first.

If you desire your old furniture to be reupholstered with a fresher, new appeal, look no further than South West Upholstery. We are a family-run business established 18 years ago and have become the most recognised upholstery business in Bristol. We have a team of experts who can offer a range of options that will suit your taste and needs. Regardless of where you are in the UK, we are your one-stop shop for all your upholstery needs as our services include upholstery, re-upholstery, soft furnishings and creating bespoke furniture. Ready to find out more? Give us a call on 0117 370 2745 / 0117 332 0800 to speak with a member of our friendly team today.

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