Ercol Suite Reupholstered

Our customer wanted to freshen up the look of their Ercol suite, so by sanding, polishing and reupholstering it now has a new lease of life.

Materials Used

Warwick Fabrics, Kingsman – Merino

What We Did

We really enjoyed restoring this ercol suite. Our customer wanted to really freshen up the look of the suite so asked us to carry out sanding and polishing of the frame to make the overall finish lighter, replace all back and base foams with new and then upholster the cushions using Warwick Fabrics, Kingsman – Merino.

Working alongside our highly skilled polishing team we were able to strip the frame back and get the perfect finish to the frames making them lighter but still to look like a traditional ercol piece.

The foams were replaced using high quality foam suitable for everyday use to achieve the perfect comfort level. Our customer visited our showroom a few times to ensure the foam chosen was the right choice for her.

Take a look at the before and after pictures, do you have an ercol suite that you love but needs a freshen up? We have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to working on Ercol furniture!

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