Create a cosy autumnal space with household upholstery

With temperatures starting to tumble, it’s time to prepare your home for the autumn days ahead.

The size of our home seems to get darker and smaller as autumn and the cooler months approach. Since we’re indoors most of the time we can’t use as much of our outdoor spaces if the weather is bad.

Additionally, given that people are choosing to spend more time at home, it’s important to create an environment that is not only suitable for work but also for leisure.

A seasonal shift doesn’t mean a full interior makeover. Whether it is using new colours across your domestic furniture or creating a cosy space with your household upholstery, a few changes can make a total difference. Here’s how to cosy up your home with your domestic upholstery.

Bring in the panels
Panelled walls can make a drastic difference when it comes to creating a welcoming and cosy space. The simple addition of upholstered panels can add elegance and insulation to your home.

Go neutral
Look at ways to bring natural fabrics to provide your space with a restful and cosy feel as the autumnal days come.

Explore the option of bringing tactile materials into your living room, such as rattan, smooth wood and bobble surfaces, so that you can emphasise comfort as well as your upholstery style.

Add cushions
Give your space an extra layer of cosiness and colour by adding some cushions in neutral tones and knitted textures.

Cushions will immediately transform your living room into a safe and cosy haven. In order to create a real wow-factor, go for a drastic contrast to counterpoint your pale fabrics.

Add a rug
By adding a rug you can easily increase the cosy factor in your space. Grey schemes and pale fabrics are ideal for uniting all the elements in your living room.

Rugs also make your home feel welcoming and harmonious.

Don’t forget the curtains
If you think curtains are just for windows, you may want to rethink that idea. Curtains are perfect for making your interior walls look even cosier, especially if you go for the thermal kind.

Using curtains to divide rooms is an intelligent way to isolate open spaces and transform them into intimate and cosy areas too.

Bring the landscape to your home
By accessorising your soft and household upholstery with forest prints such as leaves, trees, tree branches and all sorts of nature-inspired schemes, you will achieve the charming look of the autumn woodlands.

Seize the velvet
Velvet has always been ideal for cosy autumn interiors. Rich tones across your soft fabrics will help you create a cosy and indulgent space that will provide your living room and your home with plenty of elegance.

Revamp your sofa
Autumn is the perfect time of the year to sink into a soft sofa on a cold evening. And although it is the epitome of cosiness, neutral schemes and fabrics can make this haven of comfort look bland.

Grey and earthy tones can help your sofa look much more welcoming and comfy while jazzing up the rest of the elements in your living room.

Wink at fall shades
Autumn colours can provide spaces with natural warmth. If you’re on a budget to achieve a full-room transformation, why not allocate a part of your money to create a comfy and cosy corner with its own style and feel?

A velvet chair and a tactile curtain can totally transform a small area of your home, making it the cornerstone of your own autumnal space.