Cosy Club Milton Keynes

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Here we have another project for Loungers at Cosy Club we did back in October, this time in Milton Keynes.

Materials Used

Pattern Fabric - Vittoria Flame Velvet by Anna Hayman Designs
Plain Fabric - Brick Plush by Warwick Fabrics

What We Did

The upholstered fluted wall panel design and 'U' shaped booths are just one of the many areas that we upholstered and fitted for this project! We’ve done this booth design twice now for them and it is a great style to have, especially as it is easy to assemble for fitting and even for future reupholstery if any sections need attention. We love how the patterned and plain velvets work together and compliment the fluted design. The seating is finished with brass to match the surrounding this scheme and add a touch of elegance.

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