Contract Upholstery Services at South West Upholstery

Our Brand:

South West Upholstery is the product of three generations of efforts by the Ball family to build a company that delivers a high-quality contract upholstery service with a focus on achieving consistent customer satisfaction. From our humble origins as a Bristol-based business, we have since seen consistent growth over the years to the point where we are now able to offer our services nationwide at an affordable rate for customers of all stripes. Spearheaded by founders John, Andy and Ryan Ball, we now manage a large team of industry professionals with years of collective experience under their belts, all of whom are committed to delivering the very best in quality upholstery.

Our Offering: Contract Upholstery

We believe our offering should expand as far as our customers require. Given the range of industries and sectors that require upholstery, we are always looking for new challenges and experiences that will allow us to grow our repertoire. Our offer includes more traditional applications of furniture upholstery, with chairs, sofas and benches all common elements of our day-to-day business. But we also have the capability to undertake more complex commissions, such as in the re-upholstery of vehicle interiors, like coach seats, the repair of valuable sites, like church pews, and even fitting out the office furniture of your doctor or dentist.

It is a point of pride for us that our reputation has grown thanks entirely to the relationships we have developed with our customers. We always strive to present a professional, approachable face to our clients, dealing with any issues they might have and are always on hand to answer their questions. We encourage our customers to give honest feedback, and the glowing reviews they have left us over the years is testament to the exemplary quality of our contract service. If you need more convincing, then we encourage all who are interested to look on our site, where we regularly post reviews and recent examples of our work.

Whether producing bespoke, custom-made furniture, installing acoustic soundproofing, or re-upholstering restaurant upholstery, our team at South West Upholstery has seen its contract upholstery service requested everywhere from coffee shops to caravans, from buses to boats. From our Bristol base, our customer base has grown considerably in areas such as Bath and South Yorkshire, and now we are focused on expanding even further afield, until our name is the first point of call for anyone in need of contract upholstery.

To ensure our nationwide expansion does not diminish the quality of our service, we have committed to the development of a trustworthy, reliable courier system to complement our business offering. Our signature South West Upholstery vans are able to collect orders from our Bristol locations and deliver them to every corner of the country. This serves the dual purposes of taking the burden of collection out of our customers’ hands and placing that responsibility with us, creating the kind of end-to-end solution we believe all businesses should be willing to offer in this day and age.

Our Commitment:

We at South West Upholstery have a strong belief in the value we give our customers. Thanks to a combination of our values, experience and skill, we have built a name for ourselves as one of the finest contract upholstery providers in the country, but we know that only through experiencing our products for themselves will our customers come to realise this for themselves. If you do want to know more about our services or need upholsterers in Bristol, Bath, or anywhere in the UK, feel free to get in contact with us either by phone or email.0