Christmas at South West Upholstery

A blog you say? Well yes, as it goes we’ve decided to create a South West Upholstery blog especially for you. Don’t get us wrong we love sharing all our recent projects with you through various before and after images on our social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram) but we thought what if we start to share more in-depth information about upholstery itself.

Whether it be about South West Upholstery and the going-ons in the workshop – a little clue as to what this blog post is about, step-by-step picture tutorials of easy peasy (well we think so) small upholstery projects you could undertake yourself or sharing upholstery-related information. After all who better to give you advice, hey?

So here goes our first ever blog post – Christmas at South West Upholstery!

It’s not just Father Christmas that’s been busy, South West Upholstery has been working very hard over the last few weeks getting ready for Christmas – getting ourselves ready in the office and workshop but also (more importantly) getting you ready for Christmas!

We know just how important that extra comfy sofa or armchair is at Christmas, after all if it isn’t the time of year for putting your feet up, watching classic television and eating every last scrap from the cupboards then when is? WARNING – this will be the one that everyone wants, so like a hotel swimming pool you’ve got to be quick to put your towel – or Christmas jumper in this case – out early!

Here are just a few of the projects we’ve been finishing up in our own workshop (unfortunately we didn’t have any elves to help us), along with items we’ve upholstered and sold on eBay. As we mentioned earlier, the majority of these were armchairs and sofas. They’ve now all been wrapped ready to be taken home!

A little message from the big boss…

Well it’s been one of our busiest years with more & more of our customers deciding to upholster their furniture and invest in quality, of course there is always the option to buy “cheaper” furniture from those well-known names but as we all know or eventually find out it just doesn’t last and doesn’t have good build quality. This year also saw us gain recognition from Which? as a trusted trader for our quality & service! This is a great achievement for the business and I am incredibly proud of our staff who work so hard providing each customer a high & personal service.

We would like to wish all of our customers a very Happy Christmas and successful New Year from all of us here at South West Upholstery. If you’re thinking of having something upholstered in the New Year be sure to come in and see us early before we get too booked up!

We look forward to sharing our love of upholstery with you in the New Year – watch this space!