Choosing bespoke custom furniture instead of a chain store sofa

You’ve seen the adverts on TV every year: ‘buy your new sofa today, for delivery in time for Christmas’. So you buy a new sofa, get the family over for Christmas dinner and nap comfortably as the sun sets. Then, the following year, the adverts are showing again. You glance around the room. Yours was a new sofa just last year, but now it looks like it needs to be replaced. You’re not alone. Many people are surprised how quickly their living room furniture begins to show its age.

Though the average lifespan of a sofa is expected to be between 10 and 15 years, many don’t survive that long. In fact, larger chain stores aim their budget furniture at people who are happy to replace roughly every 3-5 years. So, why not choose bespoke custom furniture instead?

Here’s why you should consider buying bespoke custom furniture when purchasing your next sofa, rather than going to your local sofa shop:

1. Higher quality materials

A high quality sofa, made with better materials, will probably last many years longer than a chain store’s budget option.

Cheap furniture is often made using low quality materials. It’s relatively disposable. Once it starts wearing out, it’ll probably be thrown away to make room for a low-cost replacement.

Mass-produced furniture is constructed using a combination of cheaper materials. These include cheap cuts of wood that are more likely to have structure-weakening knots, and cheap fabrics that wear down too quickly. Unfortunately, costs are also cut for cushion filling and springs. All together, it makes a big difference.

2. Your own choice

When you buy custom furniture, you can choose everything from the fabric used to the specific seating layout. Bespoke custom furniture puts you in control, so that you can choose the size and design.

When you visit a chain store, you’re able to choose from a limited selection of sofas. There’s an illusion of choice, with catalogues of fabrics to look through, but your choices aren’t truly unlimited. Certainly, there are many other families sitting down on sofas identical to yours.

When you buy bespoke custom furniture, you provide a plan that includes your chosen dimensions. Your furniture is completely customised, so that it will match your existing decor whilst being practical within your home.

You can even choose cushion fillings, whether you want feather or foam, to make a sofa that’s truly unique.

3. Easy to repair

No sofa lasts forever, even though high quality bespoke furniture will outlive the alternatives by years. When your sofa still looks new, others will be wearing out.

But, over time, cushions begin to sag. Children spill drinks, pets snuggle up, and your sofa’s fabric might start to look a little worn and stained.

Fortunately, you can easily arrange re-upholstery to renew and refresh your furniture. Whether you simply want a change of fabric to fit with new interior design, or you need your sofa repaired because it’s been working a little too hard, you’ll find that the experts can do anything with bespoke custom furniture!

Why choose South West Upholstery for bespoke custom furniture?

We’re Bristol upholsterers, but can supply our bespoke custom made furniture all over the UK. If you want a new sofa that will stand the test of time, then there’s really no better choice.

If you want to design your own sofa, rest assured that our expert upholsterers can create a piece of furniture that’s well and truly unique. And with delivery to your door, you can choose our bespoke custom furniture from anywhere in the UK.