Caring for your Parker Knoll furniture

Established over 150 years ago, Parker Knoll produces furniture to the highest possible standards. Pieces like the iconic Statesman chair have become design classics. But if your Parker Knoll upholstery is looking worse for wear, you may need specialist help in bringing it back to life.

When caring for furniture from this prestigious British brand, we focus on four key areas – revitalising springs, repairing and polishing frames, replacing cushions and fillings, and refreshing or repairing your Parker Knoll upholstery. Using contemporary or traditional fabrics, we can create a brand new look for your cherished pieces.

Spring back to life

If your Parker Knoll sofa or beloved Statesman chair is sagging and uncomfortable, the solution could be simple. Replacing collapsed or broken springs will bring your furniture back to life. If it’s a repair you can tackle yourself, we can supply the plates or springs for your Parker Knoll upholstery.

If the repair is more complex or time-consuming, then our team can do it for you. We’ll also add a hammock over the springs, so weight is more evenly distributed. That means you could get years more wear out of your furniture.

Polished up

Parker Knoll furniture has an enviable reputation for quality and delivers years of use. But even the best-made furniture can become wobbly after a while.

Repairing your furniture frames rather than replacing them is much more sustainable. And we can finish with French polish or radical respray to give your furniture a new lease of life.

Renewed comfort

After a while, your Parker Knoll upholstery cushions can begin to lose their bounce. Replacing the padding on the frame or adding new cushion inners can recreate the comfort you love. 

With advances in foam technology, we can now offer a vast range of foam grades from super soft to extra firm. There’s sure to be a cushion inner that will improve the comfort of your sofa or chair. 

And you don’t need to stick to the originals. If you’d prefer brand new base cushions that increase the seated height, we can create new cushions to match your original Parker Knoll upholstery.

Caring for your upholstery

We Britons discard an astonishing 22 million pieces of furniture every year, most of which go straight to landfill. If you’d prefer to revive your Parker Knoll upholstery with new patterns, colours, and textures rather than buying new, talk to us.

We have the expertise to do any repairs, from replacing a top cloth to a full recovery. Our skilled machinists will expertly pattern match your old covers or create a brand new pattern from scratch. These are then sewn, including zips and piping if required, to give your furniture a fantastic new look.

As specialists in Parker Knoll upholstery, we can recover your Statesman chair in the bright colours typical of the 70s for a vintage look. Or opt for a more contemporary style with new fabric or leather. Whatever you choose, your Parker Knoll furniture will be a real statement piece – and an heirloom for furniture generations.

Parker Knoll Upholstery? We’ll take care of it

At South West Upholstery, we’re experts in the care and repair of British design classics from Parker Knoll. We’re a family business with a passion for sustainability which is why we specialise in bringing your Parker Knoll upholstery back to its best. 

Whether you want to refurbish a single chair or a three-piece suite, contact us today or drop into your nearest showroom to discuss your options with our friendly and expert team.