Caravan and motorhome upholstery

Motorhome Upholstery

Spruce up your motorhome or caravan for your holidays! From full refits to supplying foam for seating or beds, we work with you to provide exactly what you need. See below for a selection of the caravan and motorhome upholstery jobs we have carried out previously, which might to inspire you.

Leather bed with stitch panelling
Motorhome cushions in Deigo Lagoon

Cab Seats

For extra comfort and a sense of style, upholster your front cab seats. These will need to be removed from the vehicle and brought into the workshop, but we’re sure you’ll agree the finished product is more than worth the effort! Whether you choose to have the same design all over, or opt for a two tone design, we are happy to help. Choose from plain to patterned fabric, vinyl to leather.

Front seat upholstery on VW Camper
Complementary patterned panels with plain surrounds
Leather cab seats with stitch detail

Foam for seating or beds

We can also supply new foam for any part of your vehicle. For the job below for example, we supplied a brand new seating/sleeping area for a new bed frame the customer had made. This was made from a soft/medium premium foam, with a 2″ memory foam topper, all encased in a dacron wrap with stockinette. The dacron helps to plump the cushion up, while the stockinette reduces friction between the foam and the cover. We can also supply the foam on its own for you to do what you’d like with.

As described above, upholstered in leather
New foams and upholstered for an Airstream caravan

Any Enquiries

Hopefully you are feeling inspired! We are happy to assist with any size enquiries; contact us today for a quotation for the work you have in mind!