Bench Seating for Businesses

Bespoke bench seating

With a business, it is important to not only maximise the possibility of sales but to also have a continuity in design. A perfect way to manage this is through building bespoke bench seating. This means every nook and cranny you would like filled with potential customers can be, while keeping with the style of your establishment.

Choosing your frame

The world is your oyster when it comes to frames. Choose from backless benches to thrones to simple corner seating booths. This client opted for beech wood frames with turned legs and solid arms, in varying sizes. You are also welcome to choose the colour of the varnish, so whether you like the natural look or something a little darker we can help.

Bench frames ready to be upholstered

Upholstery Choices

Once the frame is chosen, the next step is to select what material you’d like your bench seating upholstered in. From small to large patterns, plain to stripes, vinyl to leather, we have a huge range of materials to choose from. This client chose a gorgeous brown with a hint of orange to be in keeping with their current design. The button backs add a little extra something in both looks and comfort.

Button back bench seating ready for delivery

Extra Furniture

The same client also desired new seat pads for their furniture. We assisted them in finding what they felt was the perfect fabric for their premises and here they are! With ties for easy removal and cleaning, these chairs have been spruced up considerably.

Bench seating for your premises

Whether you run a surgery, hotel, airport, shop, or anything at all really, we’d be glad to help. With near limitless design options, we’d love to hear from you to discuss your requirements and work out how we can assist you in creating those perfect pieces of furniture you just won’t find anywhere else.

Single chairs with new seating pads

Contact Us

Give us a call on 0117 370 2745 to start the conversation today. We can even attend the site to carry out a free site visit to assess your needs and catch your vision for your business.

Bench seating installed in the premises