How reupholstery can breathe new life into your furniture

Reupholstery is fabulous way to transform furniture into a spectacular or usable piece once again. Whether you want to keep it for sentimental reasons, or simply because you don’t want to see it going to the tip, you can reupholster your piece into something special.

Change its personality

Here we have gathered some of the best before and after photographs of a few jobs we have recently completed to demonstrate how updating the material can change the entire personality of your furniture. These grey button back pieces had a fun injection of patterned colour in line with the customer’s vision. The chairs add colour in a softer way than the sofa, but they all pull together nicely and work well as feature pieces.

It could be as simple as wanting to bring your piece up to date in terms of style, just like with the floral chair below now upholstered in a gorgeous herringbone grey wool. You don’t have to go from patterned to plain or vice versa to make a big difference; you could simply change the pattern, just like on the little purple and grey chair below.

Originally a grey buttoned back
Reupholstered with Warwick Anthropology Watermelon for a pop of colour
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Upholstered in Warwick fabrics for a soft colour
Upholstery Services a sleek, comfortable armchair
We brought this sofa up to date..
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A lovely pattern in its time but ready for reupholstery
...using a fabulous pattern, the chair now looks fresh
A comfortable chaise cosy as well as comfy!

Freshen its style

Perhaps you’re looking to simply freshen up your furniture? Reupholstery allows you to do whatever you’d like! With these pieces, the customers wanted to update their furniture, but not make it too far from the original. The first chair was changed from a velvet to a leather in the same colour way, making it a subtle yet successful project. By reupholstering using similar materials the furniture is given a makeover in keeping with the customer’s home.

Looking tired in the velvet
Reupholstered in a leather!
This sofa has been loved well over the years
...and will now last another few years thanks to reupholstery
Seating looking a little worse for wear
...upholstered in a similar green vinyl for a fresh look
A change of pattern for this little chair
...the results of the reupholster are a smart chair

Personal Favourite

Our personal favourite is the below, which has been entirely transformed from a piece ready for the tip to the perfect nursing chair. By replacing the base foams, which had entirely crumbled away, and upholstering in a soft wool, this cocktail chair has not only been upcycled but up-styled as a stunning piece for any home. Send us a photo of your furniture today to start your journey of reupholstery.

change new fillings cocktail chair to xanthe ghost
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