6 statement chair styles for your home

You may not think it, but the humble armchair could provide the perfect finishing touch to your home interior. Not only are they a practical addition to your home interior, providing extra seating and comfort for you, your family or your guests, but an accent chair can also be a fantastic and stylish feature in your home.

There are plenty of styles to choose from, so here’s a quick guide to a few classics.

The Club

This classic style dates back to the seventeenth century, but really found its footing in the nineteenth century as sophisticated additions to gentleman’s clubs. They typically have a low back, with plush and comfortable cushions that you can sink in to at the end of a hard day. This type of accent chair is traditionally upholstered in leather, in a similar style to the chesterfield sofa. Modern times, however, allow for a update, so you can really personalise this timeless style.

The Wingback

Sometimes called the ‘grandfather chair’, the wingback chair has a high back with wings either side, and comfortable arm rests. Dating back to around the seventeenth century, this style was created with the sole purpose of being positioned by the fire to help keep you warm on those cold winter nights. With the modern advantages of central heating this may not be a contemporary necessity; however, they can still be a beautiful statement piece in your living room in either fabric or leather.

The Slipper

Not quite the comfortable footwear that you may have in mind, the slipper chair is a beautifully modern style with no arms that sits quite close to the ground. Its name derives from its use in the early eighteenth century in a woman’s dressing room, providing the perfect seat to put on a pair of shoes, or slippers. Since the mid-twentieth century, this style has undergone an update and can now sit pride of place in any living space, decorated in simple or striking fabric colours and prints.

The Bergère

As the name suggests, the bergère style is of French origin, sitting quite low to the ground with a typically wide frame for added comfort and luxury. These pieces can be a beautiful individual piece in a living space, or bedroom, or can look great grouped in a pair for a more social feel. Combining antique style wood trim and legs with an upholstered seat and back, this style is perfect for shabby-chic interiors, or adding a touch of vintage to a more classic and modern home.

The Cuddle

Otherwise known as a ‘chair and a half’, or a loveseat, the cuddle chair is a relaxing living room addition slightly bigger than your standard armchair, but not quite big enough to be considered a sofa. This style can offer the perfect chance to comfortably sit back with a book, film, or cuddle up next to someone you love. This chair is extremely flexible and looks great in either fabric, leather, or a combination of the two.

The Chaise

This final style has possibly the most extensive history in chair styles mentioned here. Used during the Roman Empire, in Ancient Greece, and Ancient Egypt, the chaise longue (or lounge if you prefer) is a long chair perfect for reclining, but not specifically used as a sofa bed. Perfect in fabric or leather, with sturdy wooden legs, this style can add a sense of luxury to any space.

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