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If you think upholstery only involves sofas or chairs, think again! Although the majority of our trade is made up from what could be called ‘normal’ or ‘standard’ jobs, we have the pleasure of working on some very interesting and unusual upholstery projects.

Perhaps you’re interested in your own unusual upholstery project, or you’re just intrigued as to what we can do – either way, you can find examples of our unusual upholstery projects below, in our Recent Orders page and on our Blog.

If this has inspired you or you have your very own unusual upholstery project, contact us today to see if and how we can help – we’d love to hear from you!

Aero Collection Trust – Bristol Concorde

We were contacted by members of the Aero Collection Trust to replicate to a very specific design the interior of the cabin from a Concorde. The idea was that a replica cockpit was to be made outside of the plane that would become a flight simulator and for a close look at the cabin; you can visit Concorde at its home in Filton to see exactly what we mean!

Having visited the site and determined the specification, we were very excited to be a part of this project. We supplied a number of diamond quilted vinyl panels in keeping with the interior of the Concorde, attachable by press-studs and hook and loop so it could be removed for easy-cleaning. Find out more about the process on our dedicated blog post here.

Party Buses for Jamaica

One of our brightest projects has been working with a bus and coach company to upholster bus seating for five buses to be shipped to Jamaica as party buses! We’re not able to share full images of these fabulous buses as of yet, but for now hopefully the below will whet your appetite. Upholstered in Sunbrella fabrics that make you think of sun, sea, and holidays. The buses are designed with a bar on the lower deck and speakers throughout, to provide a practical and fun mode of transport around the island. We’re waiting for our invite!


Knowle DGE Library Bus

Talking of buses.. We also worked on a project for Knowle DGE Academy, transforming a bus into a fixed library for their school in South Bristol. The vision was explained to us, and while the bus was being converted we worked from technical drawings to create the seating areas required. What a fabulous idea! Yet another unusual upholstery project.

Foam Supplied for Bird Sculpture

Although we didn’t made this incredible creation, we are thrilled to have been able to help supply foam for this life-size model of an Andean Condor for a model-maker for a TV programme. Doesn’t it look amazing! It’s hard to grasp the size of it without having Tony, the creator, next to it for comparison. So if you ever think your request is too unusual, you will be surprised what we have seen!

MOD Acoustic Lining

It is essential to keep generators as quiet as possible to maintain the hearing of those operating with or near it. We supply acoustic lining foam for the MOD to fit a number of their generators. We do this by creating tooling to a templated design and then simply creating the parts as and when required. You can find out more on our Acoustic Soundproofing page.

Furniture for Sri Lanka

Although the furniture we created for this client was fairly usual in terms of its design, it was unusual that it was then going to be shipped for their home in Sri Lanka! It’s fascinating to be part of a project where we can work alongside the client to design bespoke furniture to fit their home, and also work with fabrics that would be suitable for Sri Lanka while still feeling like a ‘home away from home’. The finished bespoke items included: a corner sofa, two large sofas, two buttoned footstools, a number of small pouffes, and a very large handful of scatter cushions. To find out more visit our Bespoke Furniture page.

M Shed

M-Shed sees around half a million visitors a year and its upholstery can really take a battering, we upholster more ‘usual’ items such as bench seating, as well as the 1960s double decker Bristol Bus, in keeping with its original design. Find out more by watching the video below from Andy King.

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As you can see, we work with a wide variety of requests and are always intrigued to hear of and help with unusual upholstery pieces. We’d love to hear from you if you have a project you’d like a quotation for.


Visit our showrooms to discuss your upholstery needs for your unusual project with one of our friendly sales team in a no pressure environment. You can also send drawings or photographs, or call for a rough quotation. We don’t pressure sell and never will. You can browse a full range of fabric, leather and vinyl sample books on display and ask as many questions as you like. We encourage you to try out the wide selection of foam and fillings we have available to determine your perfect comfort grade. Here you will see first-hand our work and the quality we offer.


Once we have recorded all of your requirements, we will provide you with a typed quotation on headed paper there and then, which will clearly give a breakdown of costs – we have nothing to hide! Any materials you like in store we offer to post free samples directly to you to live with for a while.


You may decide to proceed at this point or you may need more time to decide, which is absolutely fine as your quotation is valid for 30 days. If you decide to choose us, we will request a 50% deposit on your order to book your work in and order any bespoke materials for your job. We will clearly confirm to you how long the work will take and when the work will begin.

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