Whichever market your business caters to, the way you present your office, store, bar or restaurant matters. You likely have customers and clients visit your business premises regularly, so giving off a good impression is important if you want them to return. Unkempt and tatty areas can put customers or clients off and give the impression that the services, products, or food that you offer are of poor quality. There are several small changes you can make to enhance your image and make your customers feel comfortable in your business premises. Contract upholstery is something that many fail to consider which can make a huge difference to the appearance of any soft surfaces in your workspace.

Office upholstery

If your office chairs or communal areas are looking worn and tired, then using a contract upholstery service can save you having to replace everything. It is often better to repair than to replace, and your office furniture may only require simple repairs. This can make it much cheaper and also means that you won’t have to arrange and pay for disposal.

Commercial upholstery – restaurants and bars

If you are in the catering industry then the impression of your business premises matters considerably more. Customers often base their opinions of your brand on several factors, which aren’t all based on the products that you sell. When it comes to offering food and drink to customers, the companies that stand out above the rest are those that take the finer details into account. You should remember that you’re looking to provide your customers with an all-round positive experience, which means your focus shouldn’t only be providing them with high-quality products and service. The environment that your customers dine or drink in should be clean, tidy and welcoming. Nobody likes to visit a restaurant and bar and sit on a ripped seat, this gives an unprofessional image. It can make customers feel as if your premises is unhygienic and can affect their overall experience, which in turn may prevent them from visiting again.

Replacement cushion inners – Comfort matters to your customers

In addition to any ripped fabric on seating, the condition of any cushions in your premises can put customers off. If your cushions are flat and have lost their stability then it could be time to consider replacing the inners. Customers want to feel comfortable, providing them with a comfortable seat can mean that they’ll stay for longer. This is particularly important to those in the catering industry as the longer customers stay, the more money they tend to spend. This is also applicable to other types of business too.

Upholstery services Bristol and the UK

Investing in contract upholstery can be great for your business and your company image. We cater to all business in need of contract upholstery services. Although we are a “Bristol upholsterers”, we do cover other areas of the UK too. We also offer furniture repairs in Bristol and other areas of the UK. Furniture repairs can be equally as important when it comes to refreshing your business premises. Choosing to repair rather than replace is not only a more eco-friendly option, it’ll also save you money. Keeping your business premises fresh and modern can attract customers and keep them coming back, which in turn can increase your company profits. It is often the finer details that count.